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From: Isis (georgia18) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/29/10 12:40 AM 
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The US Government has no intention of honoring treaties entered into with the Indians. If the Gov. wants what you have they will take it by force if they so choose. They are just pretending they are honoring treaties. I know for a fact if a person wants to repatriate to their tribes and nations they are not allowed. The US Government refuses to let US Citizens relinquish their US citizenship and become a citizen of a native nation. And the reason for this it that the Government DOES NOT recognize Native Nations as sovereign, they consider ALL Indians US citizens. If a person wants to defect they say "Where are you going to defect to?" "What country are you defecting to?"  By the way,reservations are not countries, they are prisoner of war camps. Countries enter into treaties, and since Native Nations no longer have countries in the eyes of the US Government the treaties are no longer valid, this is their legal stance. Since the begining of time, up to the time the US Government legislated all Indians as US citizens, whether or not native Indians wanted it or not. Native nations had countries and culture, but now they are scattered to the winds, to wander in the wilderness, just as the Jewish Tribes did for centuries...Is genicide, and holicaust, alive and well in the land of the free?  Maybe we can have land apportioned for Indian Nations in the same manner of Israel. Land was apportioned in Palistine to give the Jewish people a home land, a country of origin, a home land, and I believe Native Indians deserve no less.  


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From: StickWoman25 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/19/12 11:47 AM 
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The US is a republic, which puts Indian nations on the level of the 50 states. Like the states Indian nations receive federal funds.

By the way,reservations are not countries, they are prisoner of war camps. 

Indeed many of them were just that, but not all.Today Indians are not forced to live on them and they are now places for Indians to use for themselves. On them are now Indian schools, resorts, golf courses, Casinos and Indian run businesses.

Not to say all is perfect or that the US must be watched and demands made on them, but we were never one nation, one people or one language and we do have lands apportioned for us. So I am not sure what exactly you are invisioning and how you think it will work to the many Indian tribes and nations.

Interesting that you equate Indians to the Jews that were chased from their homeland.



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