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From: PTRACER8/15/00 12:11 AM 
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I'M BACK.......With a question. The phrase "mitakuye oyasin" was taught to me in 1983. It was taught to me by a Yankton friend who said it meant, "all my relations". The literal translation was "my kin, all". As "mita" meant "my", "takuye" meant "kin". That ran together as "mitakuye" or "my kin" and "oyasin" meant "all".
It was explained to me that it meant kin by blood or marriage, living and dead. It was used generally after someone had finished speaking, but could be used other times as well.

Later, I ran across many new agers and some "elders" using it as "we are all related". And in fact USA Today reported that thats what it meant when President Clinton spoke at Pine Ridge. He happened to open his talk with this phrase.

So until about 1995 I only heard it spoke of as "all my relations" and then it seemed to change to "we are all related".

Do any of you have a thought on this, could there be different meanings to this phrase?

I have heard many well known Lakota people use it as "all my relations". But recently I have seen t-shirts made by Lakota people or companies using Lakota artists portraying it as "we are all related".

Looking forward to your answers, lets play nice.

John Pratt

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From: C_ANGEL8/15/00 7:08 AM 
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LOL, Play nice eh? <grin>

Wow, Actually I didn't know Clinton used it in a speach.
I'm gonna have to go look that one up,just for kicks you understand.

As for having different meanings...
I doubt it. I see it as a perversion of language myself. You know how one word can change meaning and no longer represents what it meant.....

Take for example the word `gay'. One hundred years ago that word meant happy, frivolous fun etc.. You wouldnt think twice about hearing someone say we had a gay time. Today however, if someone said that you would think something totally different. The common useage of the word had been changed by the masses of people, and now connotates something totally different than originally intended.
<shrugs> Just my thoughts on having different meanings.....


From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/00 8:55 AM 
To: PTRACER  (3 of 51) 
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Hey John Welcome back:

I really don't know the origins of it, I do believe like you said it is Lakota. When I hear it or see it, right away I think new ager. And this is becasue, like Angel said, it has been perverted. I read a book by this title and it was nothing but new age crap. So when I hear it, right away thats the implication I get.
This is in no way a disrepect for The Lakota people. It's just the meaning the word has for me. Well enough rambling, and hey, it was even nice...LOL.


And just a PS: CLinton IMO is a low-life moron that will use any word or tactic to further his agenda. I dispise that idiot. I will not mention what I think should be done to him...secret service may be lurking.

That's right...a republican ndn.

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From: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)8/15/00 1:40 PM 
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(Yes, Cherokee, it IS Lakota)

I've always heard it translated by the Lakota people I know as "all my relations", no other way. And it is used in prayer to indicate the inclusion of all four-leggeds, wingeds, finned, etc. in the prayer, as well as their ancestors (I believe).

I am not Lakota, though I've been around them from time to time over the years, and it was first translated to me in the early 80's, before it started being widely abused by newagers.

In my opinion, it was NEVER intended as a "brotherhood of man" sort of thing AT ALL!! "All my relations" means just that, the relations of the person making the prayer, which are the beings that that person wishes to acknowledge and considers himself to be related to.

Seems to me it's safe to say that a Lakota will consider the buffalo as his relations, but highly doubtful that he will ever so consider the wasichus.

Best to find a Lakota to speak on this, of course. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.



From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/00 6:30 PM 
To: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)  (5 of 51) 
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I value your 2 cents. I've never heard a Lakota speak it, mainly new agers. I see the point your making. It's a shame another people can take a wonderful word from a culture and prostitute it to their own use.

From: Judy (tokala1)8/15/00 7:36 PM 
To: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 51) 
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Green Party ndn here, check my post under news for something interesting, BB-2!

From: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)8/15/00 9:16 PM 
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Thanks. It's one of those things that really burns me up. Blaspheming a prayer, the way I see it.



From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/00 9:24 PM 
To: Judy (tokala1)  (8 of 51) 
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Green Party?...ya wann have some nyquil?????

From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/00 9:30 PM 
To: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)  (9 of 51) 
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Yes. Would they do it to christianity? Maybe, but it's fashionable now to use ndn BW, you are tough, beautiful and smart...AND YOU LIKE THE ENVIRONMENT...GOtta twin? <just kidding MM>

From: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)8/15/00 11:28 PM 
To: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 51) 
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Oh my!! You make me just blush!! (but, how do you know if I'm beautiful?)

No twin, but I got 2 younger sisters, one's in the process of dumping her idiot husband, and the other is already single. (again)
So, if you want to try meeting their standards....

<<Would they do it to christianity?>>
Well, look at TV, everyone says "Oh god" these days, and not an eyebrow is raised. Look at how everybody says "jesus christ" all the time.

The fact is, in the dominant culture there is NO sense of the sacred.



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