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From: C_ANGEL9/13/00 1:30 PM 
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Ahhh Thank you thank you!!

Well the class we have is to teach us how to integrate cultural beliefs along with medical technology.

<<You could probably write a whole BOOK using the topics you suggested in your posting, just pertaining to Natives :)!! >>

They Did!!!
You wouldnt believe the amount of books we get this semester!!!!!!!
I had to get a luggage cart just to bring them every day!
I honestly don't know how we are going to cover it all!!!

Someone lemme know if these are acurate??....

Ethical and clinical issues with NA Elders
Hepburn,K & Reed, R (Clinics in geriatric medicine, 11(1)97-111

American Indian patient care "transcultural health care" Menlo Park, Ca: Addison-Wesley

"Culture & Nursing care" Juliene Lipson UCSF Nursing Press
ISBN 0943671159

*********** And to Anyone that might have EMAILED me about this******
I apologize but my computer crashed and has been out of commish for a while, so... Again I am sorry..

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From: C_ANGEL9/27/00 9:32 PM 
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Here is the list of questions I have to answer...this is from my cultural awarenss class <pertaining to medicine> And I have to interview a specific culture...and some one from that culture...
The topics I have to answer are...

Pain management
Post partum depression
Pregnancy care
Labor practices
the role of laboring woman
" " father
recuperation practices
Infant care

her/his Family's role during all of the above
preparation for death
home vs hospital
Special needs (family members/special healers/etc)
care of the body afterward
attutudes toward organ donation <and blood donor>
Attitudes towards autopsy

typical meal pattern
usual diet
special recipies

I would really appreciate it if you all could chip in your two cents and tell me what tribe the info is from....

this is the sample from the book...
Word for word...

Preparation for death:
Nurse may want to discuss end of life issues most American Indian cultures have ceremonies to perform that vary per tribe. Some practice avoidance of the dying. Others wish to be presant 24 hours a day. This might include immediate and extended family. If family feels comfortable and welcome (see visitor regulations) atmosphere may be jovial, with joking, playing games and singing. Small chaldren are often included (check manual). Although the outcome is recognized a positive attitude is maintained, and family may avoid discussion of impending death. (ie. some tribes maintain a positive appearance and mourn in private.) Patients are not demoralized by strong negative thoughts.some may prefer to have an open window, or face the bed in
a certain direction. Once the patient is deceased there may be a startling change in demeanor with outward signs of grieving.

home vs hospital
Varies with tribe. Some avoid contact with the deceased and may prefer the hospital environment.
Some prefer to avoid the clinical environment of the hospital. Questions you might ask are if there are any special needs pertaining to naturalness, and comfort.

Special needs (family members/special healers/etc)
A nurse needs to be prepared to inquire and support the family if they want to bring in other kinds of healers to attend spiritual health. As a patient advocate it is your position to support the patient.

care of the body afterward
Care varies with tribe and spiritual beliefs. Some traditional practices include turning/flexing the body. Smoke or other purification may be requested. Women (family) may want to prepare and or dress the body. family may choose to stay in the room with the deceased or have individual visitation. Healthcare personel should ask if accepttable to prepare the body before visitationbegins. Some families will wish to take the body home the night before burial to be cleansed and dressed. Some may wish the body to rest at a place of death for up to 36 hours when a soul is believed to depart. Other tribes avoid contact with the deceased and their posessions.
Family may wish to have all the deceased's posessions including collected hair or nail clippings.

attutudes toward organ donation <and blood donor>
Varries per tribe. Generally organ donation is not desired.

Attitudes towards autopsy
Generally autopsy is not desired.

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From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/28/00 9:45 PM 
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Wish I could help you partner. I know so little about my own people. And I really have no one in my area to teach me. Maybe MM or BW can help. Keely may give ya some insight too.
Sorry Angel, really feel bad I have to sit this one out.


From: C_ANGEL9/29/00 2:56 PM 
To: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (7 of 8) 
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Thanks Partner, I know its not always easy, specially when you dont know!!
Like I said I could ask my Dad about the Lenape but then everyone in class will think all NDN's believe what he does. That doesnt show much diversity.... you know??

The whole point is to show differances!

You know I was thinking ... ,scary huh?>
10 years ago or such if someone wanted a special meal, or to have someone "not approved" on hospital visitation to come in and visit they would have been turned down flat.. or had to have snuck in or the like... but now... we are actually being taught to accept diferances, and to assist them. I know its kinda sad that there has to be a class on it. It should come natural!
But its a start, dont you think?


From: Guest10/4/00 10:33 PM 
To: C_ANGEL  (8 of 8) 
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Hey Angel,
This is one I posted over in Young Once, Indian Forever, but there are so many links here I hope maybe you can find something that will help you out.


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