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As most of you know, my fiance and best friend passed away April 15.
You were all there for me. God was there for me. And my poetry was there for me.

I've put together a book of poetry dedicated to RainingHeart. Rain was a poet also. She had a wonderful talent with her crafts and registered with her tribe. And she was a great painter. She was the sculpture of my heart's happiness.
I just wanted to share some of the things I wrote for and about RainingHeart. Her birthday is May 19. We would have been married July 21.


Another for my Love...

When my eyes first
had the privilege of
caressing your photograph,
I knew... I was
in love.

The eyes showed tenderness,
the face soft lines,
the lips promised love,
the arms promise passion.

The long, dark hair, cascading,
and framing the face of an angel.
It was yours Rain, you
are my Angel.

Battles fought long
distance, tears,fears
and joy, all expressed
so far away.

But soon, my tender Fawn,
my arms shall feel you,
my lips kiss you,
and my love caress you.

No battle, can the two of us ,
with the greatest kids in the
world lose.

We will fight, we will win.
Your life is mine, my
soul is yours.

I am with you, standing,
holding, supporting.

Apache Wedding...

Lifetime planned by loving union,
taken from us in moments,
wedding songs chose with
intricate care,
replaced by sounds of
best man and brides
sobbing as ashes drift

Golden medal of Michael,
I wore for protection,
you take to God's
loving arms.

Engagement ring, holding
promise of life,
passed on in damnation
of death.

Two tribes, once united in
hold hands now,
a family of death.

my greatest love,
now deepest loss.

Cherokee eyes, that
yesterday reflected Apache face,
now unquenchable pools
of green sorrow.

Happiness at meeting you,
honor of knowing you,
horror at losing you,
and promise of living
life for you.
And fear of life
without you.
I am missing you.

Ani yu'wiya Death song...

My ship is without rudder
since you left my life,
black sea and cold wind steer,
spirit voices call wanting
my company,
preparing eternal damnation.

Seeing the white faces
with sallow eyes,
knowing their torture
is mine, I climb the rail.

Not feeling your gentle hand
or hearing satin whisper,
I leap into the depths,
knowing hell awaits,
but the loneliness will end.

Despair of longing...

Lips tasted, now untouched,
arms that comforted me,
no longer embrace,
touched curls of silken coal,
now miss Cherokee fingers,
departure destroys my soul
as longing heart tears from
heaving chest.

My love, gone for now,
haunts twisted dreams,
sleep is foreign and food

Home doesn't want me, and
love, is my only commodity
to give,
but fear overwhelms my path.

No totem for solace,
no eyes to gaze into,
lonely, my burden grows.

Feelings forming an ocean,
pulling me down,
black cold water,
suffocating lungs,
burning as life dissolves.

Surface sunlight darkens,
voices beckon from below,
eternity grasps me,
pulling me to darkness.

A brown hand from heaven
clutching, pulling,
saving me.

It's your hand Rain,
keeping me from despair,
promising love again, lips
that I've known, and life
that we will know.

My Raining Heart...

You came to me on a
moonlit winter's eve,
in my darkest hour.

The lineage of my
childhood hero, coursed
through your veins.
I was a child of
The Trail of Tears.

Needing an angel I
fought an unseen enemy,
stealing my sight,
one was sent.

Waging battle again
you needed a shoulder
to cry on,
an ear to hear you,
and a hug.
They were sent.

Our God, hearing cries
of anguish, honored the
voices of His children,
bringing us together
as one.

Friendship, with seeds
planted seep and
watered by sorrow,
blossomed to love.

Now, my every thought
is of you, the children,
your love.

My Cherokee chest,
beats for your Apache

You, my maiden,
have given me
the chief's honor,
the warrior's heart,
and the words of a poet.

You, my Raining Heart
have given me life,
and I give you my heart.

Missing you

Sadness permeates an
empty stomach,
vomit and bile,
bitter and sour,
at the same moment.

Phantom pains
Of missing you,
In dreams, thoughts
And needs.

Voice, carried aloft,
Caressed by whispers,
But empty arms still.

Eyes needing to
Professors drone on,
Boring classes remind
Me I’m not there.

Life and heart,
Full for weeks,
Now vacant,and bitter,
You are me,
And without your love,
I am nothing,
Please stop my death from
Loving you Rain.

Wa-do for all.

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From: Aunt B (AuntB52)5/14/01 9:48 AM 
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Tim, you have been in my thoughts, I haven't had the words to say anything. Your poety is beautiful, and I hope it is healing for you. I know it isn't something that you can appreciate at this time when the loss is new and raw like an open wound, but many people go through their whole life and never have a pure and beautiful love like you had with Rain. You have that to cherish for the rest of your life. Hang in there, Hon,

PS Rain and I share a birthday. I will be 47 on May 19


From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon5/14/01 6:23 PM 
To: Aunt B (AuntB52)  (3 of 3) 
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Thank you. The poetry has been a healing. I was reading in another area about some friends of mine. They are mostly women and many are moms. They were sharing how they each had a crudy Mother's Day. I saw that and cried.
I know our love was greater than yelling at each other and bickering with each other. And I will always cherish the purity and deepness of our love. Yesterday was kinda tough because was thinking of her alot.
Happiest early Birthday Brenda, have a piece of cake for her, would you?
And thanks again for the words and thoughts.



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