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The “metaverse” and why you MUST know about it!!!

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to do whatever part You are asking me to play in helping to turn this nation back to You and Your Truth! I know that Your judgment is upon our nation, and that our time is very short. Leading our nation back to You oh God can bring a "stay" of Your hand of judgment for a season and we can see a mighty harvest of souls for the Kingdom here and around the world. In the fact of such blatant evil that exists, show Yourself strong oh Lord, rise up, use me and those who will not bow our knee to baal for Your glory. May this world see the power, might, and majesty of Almighty God, a God who will not be mocked! USE ME OH GOD...USE MY LIFE! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: The coming metaverse! This is a term few have heard, and even if you have, probably aren't fully aware of what it means. I have often spoken of the “online generations,” those 30 and younger who have grown up with the internet and all that entails such as social media, gaming, and other online lifestyle and entertainment options. I have warned about the blending of real life and virtual life that so many in the online generation experience. That blending between “real life” and “virtual life” has been enhanced in recent years by the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. The metaverse essentially is a massive virtual world that can be accessed in real time by millions of people using avatars, who can use it to hold virtual meetings or buy virtual land and clothing or other digital assets, often paying with cryptocurrencies. Popularized by Snow Crash, a 1992 sci-fi novel by Neal Stephenson, the metaverse refers to a collection of shared online worlds in which physical, augmented, and virtual reality converge. People can hang out with friends, work, visit places, buy goods and services, and attend events. HERE IS WHAT CHRISTIANS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE METAVERSE. UNLIKE THE REAL WORLD AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN IT INCLUDING MAN WHICH WAS CREATED BY GOD, IT WILL BE FRAIL AND FLAWED MEN WHO CREATES THE METAVERSE. IT WILL BE AN “EXISTENCE” WHOSE GOD IS TECHNOLOGY!!! Solomon commented that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Sadly, since the beginning of man 6,000 years ago he has rejected the God of the Bible and attempted to replace Him with “gods” they have created in their rebellious minds. This coming technological existence that will be created by man known as the metaverse will just be the latest iteration of man's vain attempt to replace God our Creator with a god they create!!!


Forty years ago, there would have been no need to even write a Devotional like this. Not only does the need exist for me to have to address this issue today, but it is a message that the world AND the church needs to hear. You see my friend, there is only ONE GOD, and that is the God of the Bible. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When we pray, there is only ONE GOD that we pray to, the God of the Bible. All other gods are false gods. Praying to a false god is as productive as praying to a tree, your refrigerator, or a toilet. There is only ONE GOD that hears and answers our prayers, and that is the God who created the heavens and earth, the God who created you and me, the God of the Bible.

It is critical that when we are talking with someone and use the name "God," we call Him the "God of the Bible." That way, there will not be any confusion to those we are talking to, who you are talking about. Because we are a nation where people are free to worship whatever god they want and with the influx in the past 100 years of people from every corner of the globe who have brought with them their false gods, not to mention the aggressive marketing and recruiting campaigns by every cult known to the world, simply saying "God" is not good enough. That is why you need to start making it a practice in your day to day conversation to call God, the God of the Bible.

I am aware of the various names that the Bible calls God by, but there are many false religions in the world that use all of the various names we have for God. There is no way to say "God" and be 100% positive everyone understands which god you are speaking about unless you call Him the GOD OF THE BIBLE. Also, when you hear someone use the name God, DO NOT just assume they are talking about the God of the Bible!

Let me make this perfectly clear. Allah is NOT God! Buddha is NOT God! The god of Romney, Beck, and the Mormon cult is NOT God! The god of the Jehovah's Witness cult is NOT God! The god of the Kabbalh cult is NOT God! The god of the Hindu is NOT God! The god of Scientology is NOT God! The god of the Christian Science cult is NOT God! All of the gods of the false religions of the
...[Message truncated]


Dear politically correct, godless, liberals who are genuinely offended at the sight of the Christ child in a manger, I have GREAT news for you! The next time you see Him, he won't be in a manger! Sadly, if you can't handle His first appearance, you're REALLY not going to like His second appearance.

Stop, Drop, and Roll won't work in Hell.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. Benjamin Franklin
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