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Via DailyCaller:

President Joe Biden said at CNN’s Thursday town hall that he guesses he should visit the southern border amid the ongoing crisis, but added that he hasn’t had the time.

A Republican law student pressed Biden about why he hasn’t visited the southern border and why he’s reverted to Trump-era policies after criticizing the former president’s “treatment of illegal immigrants.” The president began by noting that the Remain in Mexico policy – one of the Trump-era rules the administration is using – is being forced to stay because of a court ruling.

“We’re repealing it,” Biden said. “That’s one of the reasons why we haven’t changed it.”

Biden went on to say that his administration has decreased the number of children in custody of Border Patrol and promised that they’re “making more progress than you think.” Moderator Anderson Cooper interjected to point out that Biden has also kept Title 42, another Trump-era policy, in place.

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