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LifeRing Recovery: a self-help alternative for recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependency. Group support for abstinence from alcohol and “drugs” by empowering the sober self within you. Completely secular: no prayers, Higher Powers or Steps.

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Alceon's Insanity Journal   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 5/19/05 by alceon; 20873 views.
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From: alceon


Well, not keeping daily count records, I was a bit startled when I finallly figured out which blog of mine keeps track of my day count and found out that today, March 12, 2021, the day before my birthday (when I'm going to be *really* old lol) I find that today marks 5800 days sober by choice for me.

My days are still spent in constant grief; dh will be gone two years on the 24th and I miss him and need him every minute of every day. But I maintain my sobriety as much for him as for me because I don't think I ever could have done it without his help, his love and his support -- and his teaching me about the power of a made up mind.

Does anyone know how (Craig, help!) to get into the LSR Safe group? The link I had saved won't work anymore, it just sends me to the main yahoo page with nothing about groups just world news.

But I got in here, right to my Insanity Journal, so here I am announcing 5800 days of SANITY :) and asking for help to get back in to the LSRsafe site.

Love to all,

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5800 days today