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Rae returning    Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 6/17/08 by Rae (raeanne50); 31594 views.
Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


I was born in Hamilton, Ontario - the hospital on the mountain if you know Hamilton.  My mother was staying with my father's parents.  The thoughts about getting Canadian citizenship have more to do with wanting to be able to leave the US.  I have a cousin who lives in Vancouver and I'd like to be able to visit him again.  I almost made it out to your area a few years ago - when there were all the fires, but we decided to go to Vancouver Island instead.  Maybe next time.



From: cookly


Not sure if you mean moving here, or just visiting.  We seem to be very hostile about Americans visiting.. especially those Alaska bound who apparently don't know which route to take.. it doesn't involve the Island  , for example. 

I don't know Hamilton.. its three thousand miles away. You've probably visited eastern Canada more than I have.. been there only twice.. once in my teens for Expo 67 with a school group, and a visit to Ottawa to see my husband's family in the 80's. The only vivid memory I retain after all that is  the library of our Parliament Building.. I'd never seen such a beautiful thing, floor to ceiling shelves of books, all golden, everything glowed gold. My sixteen year old mind seared that one into memory and I can still see it today.

Oh, and in Quebec City, I saw an enormous church made of stone, not wood !...  with wide stone steps, and there were people on each step, on their knees, praying as they crawled up toward the entrance. That got seared into memory too and I can see why;  living in rural BC and raised by atheist parents, of course that would be shocking to me. 

How are you feeling these days ? What a horrible time you had.. wishing you good health, Brian.  

Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Just to visit, and not until the Covid thing is over.  

You didn't miss much by not seeing Hamilton, it's mainly a steel factory town.  Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal are all wonderful, I could see moving to Montreal.

The who illness was much harder on my wife than it was on me.  I was totally out of it for the first three days - couldn't remember seeing the doctor, couldn't remember the CAT scan I had.  When I finally came around on the third day I had two wonderful nurses taking care of me.  And then I started getting better very quickly.  At one point, I told my wife about an "antenna coffee pot."  That really freaked her out.  I got to ride in an ambulance from the hospital to the rehab facility, and that was fun, I could look out the back window.  The rehab facility had better food - I lost almost 20 pounds - and I looked forward to the physical therapy and made quick progress, which was very encouraging.  I'm still not up to full strength and I have some shortness of breath, but on the whole I'm doing a lot better.  What I would like to know is how I caught pneumonia.



From: MaryLouise3


Brian, that sounds tough and I can believe your wife got a fright! I fainted one night while trying to pour myself a glass of water in the kitchen, a burst of stomach pain and I keeled over unconscious. My partner didn't know whether to call for an ambulance but the nearest hospital is an hour away and probably wouldn't arrive before morning. I lay in bed delirious and vomiting for two days, no idea what was going on. Now the local doctors think many locals have been poisoned by E coli in drinking water, a polluted dam in the mountains. 

But I am getting better, still weak and nervous about food, but able to do some editing work and potter around watering planters etc. We're nearly in spring. a lovely season here.

Take care and keep resting.