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Going Forward (with clarity)   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 2/16/14 by Elsie (Elsiek); 59034 views.
Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Checking in to see how everyone is. I am doing okay here, my husband is off work because we were supposed to betakind a trip to Budapest this week. Today he has woken up feeling absolutely knackered, like he's sickening for something.  So I wait with bated breath to see if this is coronavirus.  He has had to come into contact with some patients who have tested positive, although not on ICU, they have been admitted for something else but turn out to have it. Some people may also be contracting it in hospital. I hope hope hope it doesn't ripen up into anything but this is how it is right now, every tickle in the throat and feeling of weariness is noted and makes me nervous. 

Bojo being in intensive care has shaken us all up. It is pretty clear that the government in general and Boris in particular were far too cavalier about this situation.  But then again, so was I. We just didn't think this kind of thing could happen to us.  So I hesitate to be too critical of the government, hindsight is a wonderful thing and I think the value we put as a nation on keeping calm and carrying on really has caught us out this time. 

I suppose it's good news that I feel not one jot of a desire to drink. Eat? Oh yes. The shops are clean out of flour because everyone is baking. 

I'll keep you posted. Unfortunately if my husband gets it I'm not optimistic about swerving it myself. 

Meanwhile, stay in, stay safe...I know I'm teaching grandma to suck eggs saying that though. We are a sensible bunch on here aren't we? 

Virtual hugs

E xx

Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Glad to hear everything is going well.

"Bojo," hadn't heard that before, that's great.

We are hunkered down hear, usually only going outside for walks in the neighborhood.  It's a time of the year when I love to be outside.  It's been a cool spring, which means all the trees and flowers come out in their normal sequence - not all jumbled together.  Every time you go out you see something new.  Redbuds just came out in the last week.

My wife sewed some masks for us to wear.  We will make or biweekly shopping trip today - quite a change, I used to walk to the market almost every day.

Doing lots of reading and watching old movies.

Good luck to everyone.



From: MaryLouise3


Hi E

Hoping your husband is fine, I'm having access problems with the Internet, nothing unusual.

Will check in later to day or tomorrow and  hope everyone is doing OK. Yes, a sensible bunch with reckless pasts!

We're fine here in lockdown but winter is on its way, cold wet weather and everyone will have flu and bronchitis and possibly Covid-19.



From: MaryLouise3


Hi E

Popping back here to send sympathy to you in lockdown.

I wish I lived closer and could help with shopping. Take care and post when you can.

We have food shortages out here in poorer communities as winter moves in, so I've been putting together food parcels and making big trays of lasagna to be used in feeding schemes. But we're fine so far and just keeping busy. 

Love and  strength 



From: LolaBug


Elsie, I hope you and your husband are doing okay! 

I haven't had many urges to drink, and even when I do it just seems like too much trouble, what with having to don a mask and go through all the decontaminating when I get home. 

I've discovered yoga and exercise videos, which are nice, but I miss the gym. My town closed all public beaches, so no walks on the beach, just walks along streets. I wonder what this summer will be like. There are a lot of vacation homes here, and the town has also said people returning for the summer have to self-quarantine for 14 days. 

Brian, I used to go to the grocery store almost every day, too. I liked to check the markdown rack, which is actually good because I have a nice supply of dented cans in case of food shortages, which Mary mentioned.

Stay well, my friends.

Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Thanks for your messages. Those of you on Facebook will know that my husband tested positive for the virus- he got the result last Thursday by which time he was almost over it.  He has gone back to work today. My daughter unfortunately is still completely wiped out by it- she has no sense of smell and taste. So between no energy for her usual workouts and no appetite for food she is pretty miserable.  Thankfully she like my husband has no cough or breathing difficulties. 

I seem to have dodged it so far, but have to completely isolate for another week just to be sure.  Interesting that I was worried he had the virus on April 8- and lucky he was off work that week, although he went in and worked Easter weekend which in retrospect he shouldn't have.  He has such a physician's attitude to illness which I guess comes from dealing with people who have very serious illnesses, so a little bout of a virus is as nothing to him. He most definitely would normally just take some paracetamol and go in. I get a bit annoyed about it to be honest as I'm sure his immuno-suppressed patients could do without getting the common cold from him let alone covid-19. I would have liked him to take today off too but he phoned occ health and they were happy about his return. They won't swab him again, which is the norm, so who knows if medics returning to the front line are still shedding the virus. There are just so many unknowns with it. He says he was very careful around patients and may well have caught it from a colleague. 

Having had him around for most of the last two weeks and my daughter still in bed I'm really feeling the isolation this morning.  I realise how much I depend upon my daily dog walks to pick me up.  A friend has been walking the dog so at least she isn't constantly pestering me to go out!

Tomorrow my son turns 21 and we will not see him, which is perhaps also contributing to this morning's mood.  I am working on a photo book of his top moments (well, nice/funny/ memorable pics of him) from his 21 years. We have packs and packs of physical photos from early childhood, then digital downloads first from cameras then from phones. It has taken an age to trawl through everything and I now have them uploaded to Photobox and need to create the book.  Unfortunately because so many old pics are scanned in, I can't get the book formatted automatically by date and have to do it manually. Obviously he won't get it tomorrow but we have forked out for a new laptop since he spilt a drink on his old one and it stopped working. We had no blinkin receipts or anything for it and couldn't claim on insurance. We/he won't make that mistake again, as a computer science student he requires quite a high spec model to do what he needs to do. 

I hope you all have a good week. The weather is very clement here and looks set to be fine all week. So grateful we have a garden. Keep safe and well.

Love to all, E xxx

Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Elsie, I'm glad your hubby is  doing better but do wish your daughter was also. I'm sure she'll be ok but does sound like she's having a miserable time.

The governor of our state of Indiana has allowed the hospitals here to begin servicing patients with elective surgeries and procedures as they feel we have enough ventilators etc. to cover any needs concerning Covid19. That was just announced yesterday and went into effect today.

The "shelter in place" lifestyle is beginning to wear thin but I am working half-days four days a week so I get out of the house some. There does seem to be some states opening up their economies a lot faster than ours but there are so many differences between areas of the country. Our governor says that there will probably be a relaxing the rules on May 1 but ours might be minimal since we are in the shadow of Chicago which has been hit pretty hard.

Our federal government is anxious to get things rolling as quickly as possible since this is an election  year. But of course the danger of doing it too quickly probably wouldn't be good either.

Our spring has been very slow coming around and has been much cooler than normal so that doesn't help the confinement either.

I have to be very careful because the combination of my age and my other health issues might make it extremely rough if I did get it.

Thank you for posting. It was nice to hear from you.

Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Thank you Rex

You will be glad to hear my daughter is fully recovered now.  Her online dance classes started last Monday and by Wednesday she was setting up a mirror and laptop up in the living room and doing ballet. It isn't an ideal way to teach performing arts and dance but by Friday she was seeing the funny side of her technophobic tap teacher trying to teach a tap class to I don't know how many students on zoom.  Most of them have left their tap shoes at college so it was the soft shoe shuffle on kitchen floors and carpets.  I'm sure everyone can cope with it for a term, and they have given us a small reduction in fees (£500 of £5000, so still painful) but I sincerely hope that they will get back to college in person by September.  With no grant as she hadn't done A levels so is a diploma rather than degree student, it has to be value for money. It can't be that delivered online. 

You are very wise to stay as shielded as possible.  My husband has been lucky but is in generally good health- however he knows of one 27 year old also in good health ( as far as anyone knew) who has lost their life. The other side of it is this though: Our neighbour was widowed some time ago and he is in his mid 80s.  We have offered to do his shopping and he is adamant he wants to get out and do his own.  I have to say I don't blame him.  I about went mad having to observe total isolation ( back out dog walking now)  I chatted with  neighbours passing by ( one on a horse, one on a bike, the nice side of village life!) and the man had lost his mum just before the pandemic hit.  His elderly dad ( in his 90s as his mum was) just cannot cope with being isolated, he wants to spend time with his son, daughter in law and three grandsons. They are a farming family, he lives next door to his son, and he really needs the support of family around him. When they talk about the very elderly having to isolate for months, even years, I can't help but think it isn't what I would want for elderly parents or myself when I get that old. What are they going to do, seriously? Stay in until they die anyway? 

Let's hope for a vaccine and fast, and also a reliable antibody test. Meanwhile we always have disinfectant we can drinkjoy The Donald gets more ridiculous every time I listen to him.  Please be assured that I in no way associate you with his buffoonery relaxed

Take care of yourself, I hope spring springs into life soon.  We have really nice weather here ( total contrast to February's deluge) 

Love to you and all

E xx


From: MaryLouise3


Good to hear your daughter is well again, E, and that you're able to move around. We are still confined to our homes although we may have some more movement to hardware stories or shopping this coming month -- our rates of infection are still relatively low for such a vast country (86 deaths and  4 360 infected) -- but we are now facing all-night curfews from 8pm until 5am. About 200 Cuban medics arrive here to help prepare for a surge this winter.

Some food shortages, I'm busy cooking for hungry school children who usually rely on being given meals at school. The weather is colder and I have flu so feeling low and apathetic.

Yes, let's hope for a vaccine soon and a vaccine available to all.


Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Cooking for and feeding the children is so good of you Mary. I may be thousands of miles from where you are, but thank you. There has just been a discussion on the radio about the higher incidence and death rate here in poorer densely populated areas.  From what I remember and know of South Africa I understand it is absolutely crucial to try to step on the virus before it takes hold for precisely that reason. A 13 year old boy from East London died a few weeks ago. They didn't say anything about his family's socio-economic status, it would I guess seem crass, but he had six siblings and it wasn't a posh bit of London. Poverty and overcrowding are factors people feel uncomfortable discussing. 

Listened to a phone in today on Radio 4 about alcohol consumption during the lockdown. It's clearly a problem for some.  Very very glad it is not a problem for me. 

Hope everyone is doing well this week.  Have a lovely weekend xx