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Hello everyone   Info On Alcoholism/Addiction

Started 11/14/18 by adamlevine; 177 views.

From: adamlevine


Hello everyone. I'm Adam, the new member. Be happy to join the forum with everyone.

I have been drinking very heavily for the last 4 months : at least 6 - 13 standard shots of gin almost every day. Sometimes more. Things just escalated and got out of hand. I was also smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and usually finishing the night off with a couple of Tylenol with Codeine (8mg). I realize that I am probably lucky to still be alive. 

I have stopped all the bad habits - no intention of going back to that place - but have a question about the detox process. 

I am on day 6 and things have not been too bad, except for a little fatigue and insomnia and bad dreams which I understand is normal in this situation. I can get through this. But it is the onset of hypersensitive skin that is driving me nuts! Itchy skin that feels as if bugs are crawling over me at times. NO, I don't see them! Smile Is this part of the detox - does anyone else know of this experience? And how long do you think this could last! 

I have had blood work done, and by some miracle everything shows up within range!

Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Hello Adam, welcome to the Forum.

Congratulations on 6 days.  Some symptoms of detox would be normal at 6 days, but I've never heard of hypersensitive skin - could be something you just didn't notice when you were drinking?  Detox symptoms can last for over a week and, in my experience, sometimes get worse with time instead of better - but they do go away.

Good luck and keep letting us know how you are doing.



From: MaryLouise3


Hi Adam, and welcome. You might want to check with your GP about that skin-crawling effect. I had itchy skin and restless nights towards the end of my drinking, a combination of dehydration and toxicity, it wore off soon after I sobered up.

Let us know how things are going -- and have  a good sober weekend!


Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi Adam, and welcome. I too had itchy skin during the first few weeks, just as you describe- it will subside. By some people's standards I wasn't probably the most massive consumer of alcohol ever (no drinking until 5pm- then a bottle of wine, on average, sometimes a little more, at parties god knows how much) so strangely this itching was actually reassuring to me- if I had had no withdrawal symptoms at all other than a bit of insomnia I might have questioned whether I really needed to stop ( I really did need to stop!) 

Another curious thing I have discovered since stopping drinking. I have cats and occasionally we get the odd flea.I always knew there were fleas in the house instantly when I was drinking -I would get a massive reaction to a bite- they would turn into hives and were intolerably itchy-  also I would get drastic skin reactions to certain plants in the garden.  I had to take anti-histamines and they weren't strong enough to deal with the reaction properly. Since I stopped I have noticed a clear improvement in my skin sensitivity- I've done a bit of reading and alcohol contains histamines, which I assume now significantly increased my reaction to allergens. This might seem a bit counter-intuitive to the itching I got when I stopped drinking, but it shows that alcohol is a substance that affects the functioning of every part of our bodies.

Your body is recovering. Our bodies are bloody incredible. Keep at it! I will be celebrating five years soon- I didn't think I would ever do it.

Nice to meet you.

Elsie x