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History - Daily Check ins February   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started Mar-13 by mtsle (mtslexmarti); 75 views.
mtsle (mtslexmarti)

From: mtsle (mtslexmarti)


Working on day 54.

I received news this morning that an acquaintance of mine lost their battle with addiction yesterday. They succumbed to the lies promised by fentanyl and made their way over the rainbow bridge. It's truly sad, but a harsh reminder that life gives you life on its own terms and to remain ever vigilant in recovery. Sadly, it is the unfortunate reality of using drugs, which is why choose to live clean. I no longer want to be lied to and held back by old habits, hurts, and hangovers.

On the 54th day of my complete abstinence, I am grateful to live to see another day, to have woken up this morning clean, safe, and sober. I had no real idea of how to comfort the addict who called me this morning to break the news, other than to validate their feelings but also reiterate the reality of such a situation. I told her that she needed to focus on herself and practice gratitude that she is alive and able to still be there for her kids. A life of drugs is no life to live. It's neither safe nor desirable. Addicts fall victim to the lies of drugs and so many of us pay the ultimate price for using when all we really wanted was to feel good, or to forget for a little while. I'm truly grateful that I did not and will not lose my battle with addiction and that I no longer let it dictate my life today. I am humbled by the fact that despite all my mess ups and misgivings, I still have a lot going for me and I have the chance to turn my life around. I have the opportunity to reap the gifts of life and give back to society rather than continue to drain its resources. I am proud to be clean and sober today, and am ever more focused on getting better. This is a time of healing for me, and i intend to take full advantage of it. I'm sad for the acquaintance who passed away, grateful to have the opportunity to learn from their struggle and to never put myself at risk again.

Day 53 drug free  qlmost at 2 months. I made this post in the "I will not drink..." Thread:

I will not drink today because I'm nearly 2 months free, double digit days dry, over 1000 hours sober, 10s of 1000s of minutes clean, a millions of seconds drug free, serene, and totally me.

My primary issue is drinking, but really it applies to any DoC. I 9n't want any of that controlling my life anymore and I'm grateful to be away from it all. Today is starting off all right, let's hope it stays that way.

Starting day 52 here. I wrote all my goals for the next year down yesterday and i think those will help keep me grounded in the times and trials to come.

I had a bit of an emotional day yesterday-- work was fine, but then i was talking to my ex-husband, whom I'm still very much in love. We feel apart because of my addiction and behaviors, and of course i want him back, although i do understand that we both need time for ourselves and number one, I have to work with myself and get comfortable with myself. But he mentioned that he wanted to date other people and wanted a serious relationship and it struck me to the core, because he wasn't talking about me. he doesn't have anyone in mind and did concede that if it ever happened again, it wouldnt be for a long time, so at least I know he has some reservations. it hurts, but i put my feelings out there at least.

The me that was in active addiction did terrible things. i lied, cheated, stole, snuck around, blatantly disobeyed his wishes, abused him-- you name a terrible thing and i probably did it. I understand why he wouldn;t want to be with me. I tried to date and ended up cheating on that guy with my ex husband. But then I rapidly spiraled downwards to the brink of suicide and other, harder drugs than just drinking. I got my face beat with a gun by people i thought were cool, and robbed. These bad people stole everything from me, from my money to my self respect. My ex-husband said he couldnt deal with it anymore and kicked me out of the home, where neither one
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