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Still here!   General Sharing

Started Mar-30 by LolaBug; 113 views.

From: LolaBug


Hello, everyone! LolaBug still here. Not so much craving alcohol as wanting to eat out of boredom. I was doing so well getting to the gym, but all fitness centers are closed for the foreseeable future. 

My days are mostly spent sewing masks and obsessively listening to the news. The latter not being the healthiest thing to do. Sometimes I turn on another show to listen to while I sew, just to try to feel normal.

It's been rainy here so I'm not walking much. But I realized today that the weather pattern we're in is not likely to change any time soon, so I'd best adapt.

Well, that's about it from me. Happy to say not a lot of drinking thoughts but that's because there's so much else to think about right now.

Stay safe, friends.

Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi Lola

Sounds like you are doing very well, bravo!! Such strange times, eh? Re. eating out of boredom, I hear you! We must I suppose do a Polyanna and be glad we have enough to eat. A week ago the shelves were stripped here, but on Sunday the supermarket was well stocked again and we have a nice fridgeful! No loo roll though, but the pub next to my house is running a corner shop and we picked some up there. And I ordered some bamboo loo roll off Ebay which arrived in chinese packaging and my multi ethnic husband (therefore not usually racist) had a weird moment seeing them on the kitchen table.  I assured him they had been posted from Leicester, not Wuhan.  It really is impossible to disinfect every damn thing that comes into the house, the tins that someone else might have touched at the supermarket, etc etc, so it's handwashing that does seem to be the key.  

What are your masks like? I'm picturing nice floral ones, but that's probably just me! 

Being light hearted now because the doom and gloom is getting me down to be perfectly honest. Take care and keep well

E xx


From: LolaBug


Hi, Elsie! Thank you for responding. The first masks I made were white because I didn't know if prints would be ok for my RN daughter, but I asked today and she said prints are fine. My mom was a nurse back in the day when nurses wore only white (and those little hats!)  So, yes, wild prints it it is! Floral, bees, sunflowers, birds, wolves... whatever I have.

My elderly neighbor asked if I would make some for her and her husband, and said she had some kerchiefs I could use. I practically laughed because I have quite the stash of fabric. And yarn, too. I guess crafty people are hoarders at heart.

And there's no toilet paper in the stores here, either. Fortunately I had four daughters  (all grown) so having an ample supply of t.p. was essential. I always buy the huge package. But I don't get what's going on-- it's a respiratory infection, not dysentery! I'm thinking about ordering some online, too, just in case. Maybe it will get here before we run out.

You know what else is hard to come by? Elastic, for making the ear loops on masks. Fortunately the daughter who lives with me had quite a bit. ( She's an artist and had it for some... artsy reason.) When that runs out I'll switch to using the ribbon I have for ties.

I think I once bought bamboo t.p. And I liked the idea if it from an environmental viewpoint, but it was a bit pricey. But I'd definitely get it again. Especially now!

And yes to the being grateful that there's enough food. I had an aunt (by marriage) who grew up in Hungary. One time my grandmother was griping about how, during the Depression, she didn't have enough money to buy food and my aunt said  "Where I was, there was no food. It didn't matter if you had money."

Ah, perspective.

I hope you are doing well. I am enjoying sewing masks and feeling useful. All the best to you!