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LolaBug's Recovery Musings   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started May-28 by LolaBug; 2004 views.
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From: LolaBug


Done with the antibiotics and back to going swimming and to the gym. Feeling wonderful, and I see no reason to risk that for a drink.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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From: LolaBug


It is so nice to wake up early and without a hangover. Sipping coffee, watching the sky change color, listening to the crickets and enjoying the morning.

I hope everyone is doing well today.


From: MaryLouise3


Hi Lola

Hope you're getting better on the antibiotics -- interesting that 'freedom' from knowing you cannot drink, it sounds similar to what many people have found when taking Antabuse each morning, knowing that they will get extremely ill if they try to drink. So the choice has been taken away, as happens in rehab. And with that false power of choice gone, the tug-of-war within stops, the idea of drinking is shelved.

I've also had a grim few months and  am slowly getting better -- not Covid-19 but contaminated water and possibly Hepatitis A as well as IBS. Ironic, because I eat  in a reasonably healthy way (vegetables, salads, roughage, fish, little dairy or sugar) and have  always thought of myself as having a cast-iron digestive system. Not so.

Take care



From: LolaBug


Yikes, MaryLouise, hep A and IBS??? That's a lot at once!

I am feeling muuuuuch better, am off antibiotics and still not drinking. Funny how the thoughts started creeping back in once I was off the meds. But now I tell myself, You were perfectly happy with not drinking when you were on the antibiotics, so you don't need it now. 

And I don't! I am so much more active and productive. I've been swimming, going to the gym, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and I'm going to try my hand at some watercolor painting. 

One thing I'm still working on, though, is food. I was also in a really good place with that until I spent 2 nights away from home and I realized I have a hard time getting back on track once I'm knocked out of my routine. But now that I'm aware of that, I can be better prepared in the future. 

I also may possibly be hoarding food. Been prowling the markdown rack at Stop & Shop and have been bringing home a fair number of dented cans. This is more in response to the pandemic, I think, so I'll give myself some slack. At least I'm not focusing on squirrelling away booze! Any food shortages, you're all invited to my house for rice and beans!

Anyway, happy to be awake so early and with no hangover. I raise my mug of tea to another day of sobriety!


From: MaryLouise3


Yes, do cut yourself some slack when it comes to shopping, hoarding, indulging in food during this weird time. Everyone has resorted to compensatory stuff and so long as you don't drink, everything else can be balanced and set right.

One reason I am so keen on long periods of consistent unbroken sobriety is that they set down a  solid memory track of how much better off we are when sober and how possible it is to go without alcohol. Some people here on the forum used Antabuse for a while and then realised they didn't need the Antabuse as a deterrent because they were used to thinking of each day as sober and enjoyable, no need to drink at all.

And I had no idea that I am really a morning person at heart and like starting my days clearheaded with a large mug of tea!

Take care and good to hear from you.



From: LolaBug


Thank you, Mary. I, too, have discovered I am a morning person. I love my morning quiet time. This is when I do my sobriety work.

As far as the food hoarding, I'm trying to rein it in but also not stress about it. There are worse things, like drinking, that I could be doing.

Speaking of that, have you seen the videos of people going absolutely insane in stores over being asked to wear a mask? I watch them and wonder, "Is this person drunk???" I guess I've never seen such rage over something so small being exhibited without alcohol being involved.

Well, off to start another day of wonderful sobriety.


From: MaryLouise3


We have that here too, public displays of rage and aggression and tantrums over having to respect social distancing. I think one reason has to do with the impact of isolation and confinement, but also being thwarted in everyday freedoms. A stress reaction out of proportion to the situation. It reminds me so much of the fury of heavy  or problem drinkers suddenly denied booze -- I've seen the same outrage and acting out in airports or when someone drunk is refused a drink on airlines. That people are far more 'addicted' to their daily routines and pleasures than they would have guessed.

I never get tired of days of sobriety, the lovely ordinariness and freedom from the irrational.

Take care.



From: LolaBug


So true! Boring, humdrum, ordinary? Bring it on!!! Because boring, humdrum, ordinary means everything is normal and nothing terrible is happening. Sounds good to me!

I like your explanation of these adult temper-tantrums we're seeing. My first thought was, So everyone's day-drinking now? But yes, I see what you're saying. Alcoholics or not, we have all had things yanked away from us that we thought were our right.

Thank you for that insight. I'm going to try to be more compassionate toward the tantrum-throwers.

Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi Lola and Mary

Nice to have a read of your messages! Glad you are feeling well Lola, and sorry you are feeling rather crap Mary. I too used to think I had an iron digestion, but I definitely have a more sensitive stomach as I get older, in spite of not drinking.

Re. substitute obsessions during the pandemic, I can confirm that in the last few days I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in pursuit of my next pair of wellington boots.  Needless to say they will have to be the platonic ideal of wellington boots to truly satisfy me. I am going to go to a country supplies shop on Saturday after I do a wedding and actually try some on.  Meanwhile I have banned myself from looking online. 

It's been very mixed weather here and we have sprung a roof leak between the thatch and the slate roof. I hate trying to sort these things out as it always involves hearing conflicting opinions about what is needed from two or three very blokish blokes. And then guessing who is right. My husband always thinks that the cheapest person is right. I tend to be more persuaded by the most expensive. I'm not even sure god knows. 

Anyway, I'm here, I'm sober and I'll cope with whatever comes my way. 

Virtual hugs to all

Elsie xx


From: LolaBug


Those Wellingon boots, what are they like? I thought they were just pull-on rain boots. I never imagined them as anything but platonic!

Around here we like our Bean boots from LLBean. I think they're fancier than Wellingons, but I certainly wouldn't call them sexy. Maybe if you're into lumberjacks. (Cue Monty Python skit.)

And yeah, trying to find someone to do repairs is all a gamble, because I don't know anything about the problem except that there is one. 

Well, time to get moving into the day!