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Rae returning    Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 6/17/08 by Rae (raeanne50); 32263 views.

From: daisy20111


I neglect getring things done to stay sober too...i get it. I often drink to get through getting stuff done. Today ill go for another walk after work. Thata how i stayed sober a couple of days so far. Then home and eat and early bed...i have to replace what i do after work...a big having beer time for me



From: cookly


just checking in. I'm still sober, happy and healthy. I gained 8 lbs since Nov so was pleased about that. 

Got a new kitten, her name is Fiona. She's a very pretty dark tabby. So that's put new energy into the house..the dogs are delighted, the old cats rebuff her as expected, but their growls and hisses are pretty feeble. Looking forward to getting outside and watching her discover all the marvels there..hopefully soon; its snowing today. 

My flowers are germinating nicely and needing more daily care; this is the part I love. I've seeded most of what I'm starting in the basement room, tomatoes and basil will be last. 

love to all, Rae  

Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)



Sounds wonderful.  I've got almost two months before I can put anything out in West Virginia - but flowers and trees are bursting out all over here in DC.  It's funny how your attitudes change.  I used to never like magnolias - just too gaudy - but on my morning walk yesterday I stopped and took a picture of one - it was right next to a three story house and it was just as tall as the house - and completely full of blossoms - you couldn't see the house behind it - just wonderful.

Glad I didn't gain 8 pounds - I need to lose them.



From: MaryLouise3


Hi Rae

Fiona sounds a beauty, I hope you put some pics up on FB.

And congrats on putting on some weight, being sober, healthy and best of all, happy!

I'll be starting my autumn planting soon and feel just as you do -- sometimes the planning is the most fun. I have an abundance of ripe tomatoes and basil for salads right now.


Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi Rae

Aww, a kitten is just the best thing ever to raise the spirits! Fiona is a sweet name.  I'm so glad you are feeling well and stronger.  I have an acquaintance who has lost so much weight with her drinking and associated illnesses that she really does lack the strength to make a change. ( apparently she has a BMI of 14)  Like Brian, I really need to lose rather than gain weight, but at the same time, it's good to have a little in reserve. I have a friend going through chemo at the moment, and a therapist said he had read research that said that fasting around the time of treatments makes it more effective. Quite rightly my friend responded by saying 'sod that.' She is just relieved that she hasn't had terrible nausea or taste bud changes and is still enjoying her food!

Take care and have fun with Fiona x


From: cookly


So nice to come here and see how everybody's doing in this new surreal world. Looks like we're all doing the best we can. 

I don't venture far anyway so my life  is not as changed as some. I was happy to learn that garden centers are considered 'essential services' , and sure enough, they are open.  It won't be like the mad joyful rush of years past; fewer people at a time will be allowed in and shopping, I imagine, will include less dawdling.  I don't need much, as most of my own annuals are well under way but I like to add new things to the gardens too.   

Its been cold. I still need a light jacket outside, hard to stay motivated without the warmth of the sun. But I pick away at it, and they say its going to warm up by the wkend. Sure hope so. Fiona the kitten is old enough to come outside now so I get to watch her discover the world that is our yard. She's running on fence railings and racing up trees, batting last year's maple leaves around the deck, one at a time. With almost no traffic, the deer are strolling down the middle of the road, I saw a family of them yesterday. They just glanced at me and carried on eating ash berries. And I swear there are more than usual eagles and hawks circling above a nearby field.  Could it be that even the rodents, like the deer, are feeling more confident and taking more risks, hence easy hunting for the birds?  

Deeply happy to be sober!  Scrabble scores have plateaued, so I've added another brain exercise to enjoy in the morning. I love trivia games ! My favourite site is Sporcle, the one used by Jeopardy contestants. Millions of choices and topics to choose from, I find it a good memory exercise while satisfying my need to learn and store random bits of stuff. 

Stay safe everyone. bouquet Rae

Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


I just spent the second morning weeding the front yard - three garbage bags and maybe one more to go.  I just dug some shizo and basil seeds out of the freezer.  I harvested them last fall.  I'll try planting them and see what happens.  It's still cool here, which is nice, the hot weather will come soon enough.

Good to hear all is well there, it looks like we will be hunkered down for quite a while here.



From: cookly


Hi everyone, 

I'm in that stage of sobriety where I don't want to read or think or talk about it.  But I know I should, for fear of becoming complacent. 

I've had some bridges to mend and yesterday I got to do just that. I had a bitter falling out with my sis in law two years ago which made it hard for my  brother and I to stay close.  In Jan of this year I wrote her a letter of apology which she cautiously accepted. Yesterday the two of them came for an afternoon visit, enroute home from visiting other family. It was nice and warm and my yard is utterly gorgeous at the moment, with bushes in full bloom and flowers galore on the deck. We didn't discuss the past at all, just chatted and caught up in the way we always do.  So she has forgiven me. 

I'm happy and busy. After steady rain for a week during which I didn't even go outside, the yard exploded with growth. Pruning is a daily job, hacking back the bushes along the paths and hoping it'll calm down as it gets hotter.  I enjoy pruning though. I think about only the plant, my way of keeping the outside world noise at bay..self care. 

Hope you are all keeping well. 

Love, Rae  


From: LolaBug


Hi, Rae! I'm so glad you posted. I find I'm falling out of my schedule of daily sobriety work. I don't have a job (disabled) so it's easy for the days to all blend together and nothing but the basics gets done. 

Was texting about this with my recently-retired sister and I decided today I will make a daily to-do list so I can check off my accomplishments. Little things like make bed, water plants, empty dehumidifier in basement.

I also am remembering how my paternal grandfather spent his retirement: sitting on the couch, watching tv, and DRINKING. No way I want to go down that path! My parents didn't drink, so I did have better role models.

I've gotten very lazy since Covid-19 hit, spending lots of time obsessively watching the news. So, time to make some changes.

It sounds like you're at least being active and productive, what with all that pruning! Good on you!

Hope you're having a pleasant day!


From: cookly


Hi LolaBug, 

Yeah it can be tough to stick with a routine when you don't have a job to structure your days around. We have to make our own. A to-do list is a good idea, I try to keep it 'within reason', lol, and I so enjoy reviewing it at the end of the day and congratulating myself. No huge impressive thing done, but the little things that keep home and body functioning. 

I'm following the news closely too and at times it gets overwhelming. When  I feel anxiety rising I decide I've learned enough, and I tear myself away from it. I consider it an act of self care to protect my brain, healing now from years of all that poison. 

I'm happy that you're here.  Have a good day, be kind to yourself. 

Rae tulip