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Rex's 2nd Time Around Volume 2   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 8/31/12 by Rex (rcclark99); 30978 views.

From: marylouise50


More good news Rex! I know the feeling you describe and it is similar to  sobering up and suddenly looking back at all those months if not years of being sick and tired. The same thing when I  get through a period of anxiety or  depression and  find I  wake up without a knot  of dread in my stomach.

And good to hear things are going  so well with Judy. How are your kids doing?
Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Great news Rex, quite an adventurous summer.  It almost sounds like a soap opera - "How I fell off my motorcycle passing an 18 wheeler, almost died, and saved my life!"  Might not believe it if we saw it on TV.  May you have a calmer next year.


From: Firenailer


Hey Rex,

Good to hear you continue to mend! That F'n Sandy was quite the storm here in NY. Pretty much totalled my GF and her Brothers house's out in Rockaway Beach, so we've been out salvaging as much as we could and moving her in with me.

I guess it took a hurricane to finally blow her off the beach! It's also good to hear you and your new friend moving along in your relationship. Love is good to have in your life my friend.

I'm just a couple of days shy of my first year sober, and my life is totally back on track. I'm finally me again, and that's pretty cool! Have we heard anything from Stu and Jim lately? I hope that they're doing well.

Take care everyone, thanks for the help getting me back together, and I still stop in every now and then to see what's new. so stay well, and enjoy every sober day. This life of ours is a gift, way too preciuos to waste on alcohol.



From: JMK100


Hi Bob, I am doing good -- sober. I have been checking in here daily, just not posting much. Reading here and at a couple other spots is part of my routine right now. It helps. I will start writing more later, but I am in a good sober reading groove for the moment. I am taking this medicine called campral and it seems to help too. No urges or prolonged drinking thoughts. Great to hear you are doing well! Jim
Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Always great to hear from you my friend. Sorry to hear about the damage your loved ones are having to cope with but as long as no one was hurt they can build a new life.

Yes, J and my relationship seems to get deeper and more precious almost everyday. Your right, she is a good thing to have in my life. 

A big, hardy congratulations on one year of sobriety but more than that it's wonderful to hear that you like the person you have again become.......and you're right, that's pretty cool. I'm so proud of you and hope sometime this next summer to maybe meet somewhere on two wheels.

Don't be a stranger here and call me whenever you feel like it.

Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Hey Jim,

Glad to know you're still hanging around and checking the forum daily. Good to hear that the campral is working for you. I don't know a thing about it but have always believed that there are several ways to accomplish almost anything. That of course includes living a sober life.

As I told Bob, don't be a stranger, read as much as you like and post when you're ready.


From: mkh106


hey Firenailer, congratulations on your upcoming one-year sobriety and being back on track as yourself.

and good to see you drop in once in a while.


From: JMK100


Thanks, Rex. This time around I may be posting more as time goes on. Maybe less in the beginning, more later. That would be a change for me. With this medicine, I feel like I did when I had years of sobriety. Each day I cross my fingers that it will keep working. I am still in a state of disbelief that all I needed was to take some pills. We'll see. Jim

From: Firenailer


Hey Jim;

Good to hear that your back at it Brudda! I don't know anything about Campral, but if it makes things easier I'm all for it.

Keep trying my friend, sobriety is such a blessing and every day gets better. Booze is just an empty promise that won't lead any of us, anywhere good. Nothing but empty lies in the bottom of that bottle.

Rex - nothing would make me happier than to get together for a ride! And I will make that call. Time to start looking at maps for a spring trip. Blue Ridge Pkwy? Gettysburg and Antietam? You pick it and I'll meet you there.

Stay well everyone, just believe and don't drink today!


From: MaryLouise2


Congrats Bob -- and good to see you again Jim.