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LifeRing Recovery: a self-help alternative for recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependency. Group support for abstinence from alcohol and “drugs” by empowering the sober self within you. Completely secular: no prayers, Higher Powers or Steps.

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Rex's 2nd Time Around Volume 2   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started 8/31/12 by Rex (rcclark99); 28923 views.

From: cookly


Hi Rex, sorry you have to endure illness and all those tests and hospital visits. I hate that for you, but sounds like there are bright spots in your life too. 

birdtulip Rae. 

Rex (rcclark99)

From: Rex (rcclark99)


Thank you for your response Rae. I have and have had a wonderful life. 

Yes, I’m going through Issues with my health but we all do. Nothing is perfect but my life is and has been an adventure everyday.

i have recently joined two PSC forums on Facebook, one of which is a closed group and its made me realize how much worse it could be. There are folks much worse off than me and some as young as 10 years old. I am extremely lucky to have not been diagnosed until late in life. As I look back on things I think the disease has been present for at least 10-12 years but not as serious as over the last 2-3 years. The average age of diagnosis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis seems to be about 40-50 years of age and while rare worldwide seems to be more prevalent in Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries. I’ll just continue to live my life and make the best of everyday. Fatigue is a problem as is being constantly on guard for recurring bouts with sepsis but I am getting pretty good at recognizing early symptoms of those so I go to the hospital as soon as I feel one coming on.

Thank you again for your thoughts. I hope your day is wonderful........mine is.