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Hello everyone   Info On Alcoholism/Addiction

Started 11/14/18 by adamlevine; 175 views.
Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi Adam, and welcome. I too had itchy skin during the first few weeks, just as you describe- it will subside. By some people's standards I wasn't probably the most massive consumer of alcohol ever (no drinking until 5pm- then a bottle of wine, on average, sometimes a little more, at parties god knows how much) so strangely this itching was actually reassuring to me- if I had had no withdrawal symptoms at all other than a bit of insomnia I might have questioned whether I really needed to stop ( I really did need to stop!) 

Another curious thing I have discovered since stopping drinking. I have cats and occasionally we get the odd flea.I always knew there were fleas in the house instantly when I was drinking -I would get a massive reaction to a bite- they would turn into hives and were intolerably itchy-  also I would get drastic skin reactions to certain plants in the garden.  I had to take anti-histamines and they weren't strong enough to deal with the reaction properly. Since I stopped I have noticed a clear improvement in my skin sensitivity- I've done a bit of reading and alcohol contains histamines, which I assume now significantly increased my reaction to allergens. This might seem a bit counter-intuitive to the itching I got when I stopped drinking, but it shows that alcohol is a substance that affects the functioning of every part of our bodies.

Your body is recovering. Our bodies are bloody incredible. Keep at it! I will be celebrating five years soon- I didn't think I would ever do it.

Nice to meet you.

Elsie x