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LifeRing Recovery: a self-help alternative for recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependency. Group support for abstinence from alcohol and “drugs” by empowering the sober self within you. Completely secular: no prayers, Higher Powers or Steps.

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Hello all   General Sharing

Started 12/1/18 by MDok; 155 views.

From: MDok


Hello all, 

I am new to Lifering and thank goodness I have found you. I have been sober for 18 years and have left non-secular recovery a year ago but have been feeling isolated and lonely. I have been going through a lot of big life changes/ decisions lately and it occurred to me that there might actually be a group out there for someone such as myself who can no longer buy into dogma and I found this site. 

I have been trying to catch some sleep in a noisy household this saturday afternoon but to no avail. I am actally feeling depressed because of lack of sleep but it helps to be writing it out. 

I think the lonliness of being sober without a support group has been the most difficult thing. 

I am in therapy but have no secular companions so I would love to hear from you.

M xo

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From: MaryLouise3


Welcome, M, and good to see you. Eighteen years sounds great (I'm heading for 12 myself) and it is hard to find likeminded secular & sober friends, which is why I was happy to find LifeRing.

Sleeplessness is never great and  I hope you get a chance to catch up on sleep later. This site is a little slow but others will be along to greet and welcome you. There are also mailing lists and  chatrooms as well as other forums in LifeRing.

All the best

Mary Louise

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Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Welcome M, great to see you here.  18 years is really something.  Many of us here can looking for a secular alternative to places like AA - wonderful that you found us.  Keep letting us know how you are doing.