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LifeRing Recovery: a self-help alternative for recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependency. Group support for abstinence from alcohol and “drugs” by empowering the sober self within you. Completely secular: no prayers, Higher Powers or Steps.

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Newly Sober-Day 4   Sobriety/Recovery Journals

Started Sep-11 by ptcjstc1984; 274 views.
Brian (BrianB125)

From: Brian (BrianB125)


Welcome to the forum Amanda, day 4 is great.  Having a supportive partner is a big help, and I would recommend face to face meetings if you can find some.  

Yes, it does seem that alcohol is everywhere, but things are changing.  I remember when I first stopped drinking I went to a fancy dinner and there were two wine glasses at every place.  When the waiter first came around with the wine I put my hand over my glass and he moved on.  Then when I was  talking to the person next to me he filled my glass.  I passed it on to another person at the table and the waiter came back with another full glass.  I gave up and just left it there.  That doesn't happen anymore - at least around where I live.  When I pass on wine they simply take the glass and that's an end of it.  

What I would recommend for the poetry night is just get a glass of mineral water or ginger ale - my two drinks of choice - as soon as you get there.

Good luck and come back and tell us how it went.



From: ptcjstc1984


Thanks for your support. I'm sorry about your father gambled throughout my childhood and our relationship has never been great. I suppose addiction was always an element of my environment, but I'm trying to do better. I do still grieve my mother, but you're right-alcohol is ultimately problematic. It has kept me from processing what I need to process. I feel very fortunate to have found this group and look forward to seeing what it can offer. I recently bought the Empowering Your Sober Self book and am slowly making my way through it. 

When I say read poetry, I mean read aloud...all of the poetry I read is my own. 

Writing is my therapy since I cannot afford to see an actual therapist. 

I like the idea of drinking sparkling juice from a wineglass. 



From: ptcjstc1984


Thanks for your response. I know several friends who do not drink...I have no excuse. You're right. The culture surrounding alcohol is changing, ever so slightly.  I love Ginger Beer and that is my reliable go-to. I must admit I've fallen a few times, particularly when I become stressed. Something in me feels different this time around though. I'm starting to like being sober more than I like the opposite, and that feels hopeful to me. I think I need to learn to manage my stress responsibly. That's where I fall apart. 

I work out and meditate, but it's hard to do those things when I feel out of control. 

It is a process. 

Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi again Amanda, good to hear from you. 

Reading Empowering Your sober self was a real turning point for me. I think it does what it says on the tin, as it were. I felt much more confident in my ability to get through after reading. 

Writing is brilliant therapy. It's wonderful that you are a poet blush 

Writing here is a big help too. 

Take care, onwards and upwards

E xx


From: MaryLouise3


Hi Amanda and good to see you here.

I still have a few champagne flutes and use them for non-alcoholic fruit juices and  a very delicious organic apple juice we get here in summer. I set out tall jugs of it and many guests prefer the juice to a glass of champagne or wine.