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LifeRing Recovery: a self-help alternative for recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependency. Group support for abstinence from alcohol and “drugs” by empowering the sober self within you. Completely secular: no prayers, Higher Powers or Steps.

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Still working on it   General Sharing

Started Feb-18 by daisy20111; 293 views.

From: cookly


I know ! I noticed that too. 


From: MaryLouise3


Hi Daisy

As spring approaches, I'm sure it will be more tempting to get outdoors after work. Is there anyone who might join you?

Hoping you have a great weekend


Elsie (Elsiek)

From: Elsie (Elsiek)


Hi Daisy

Many day 1s with me as well. It's the nature of the beast. Try to see it as clear evidence you need to do this.  I've said this about cravings as well. Totally evidence in action that persisting with trying to stop is exactly the right thing to do. People who are not addicted don't get cravings like we do or have done. And when you get them, you really can face them down. Hold on, take some deep breaths and keep calm. You've got this. The intensity will ease in a couple of minutes. Small goals. If you can avoid drinking this evening, tomorrow morning will feel great. 

 Forgive yourself instantly for this slip/relapse. If you don't drink today that is a massive achievement and a fresh start.  

At the start, for several years really, it mattered to me that I was CHOOSING not to drink.  I would think it through, and the negative side of where a drink might lead definitely helped me to choose not to. For some reason, a very strong image in my mind is putting the kids' beautiful fluffy rabbits out in their run on the lawn one lovely summer's morning, and having to puke up on the grass.  Also, getting through my uncle's wake in one piece and then having to pull up at a disused garage nearby and vomit in the corner of the forecourt, hoping to god no one would see me. These experiences definitely helped me make the right choice long term.

Have a good weekend and just keep looking forward, you can do this xxx


From: daisy20111


Unfortunately I dont really have anyone who can join me so ill have to find a way anyway.

Ill try again today. I felt so good earlier in the week when i made it one day.

I didnt do any chorees in the evening just went for a walk.

I could also drive in to work today and either go straight to my moms and garden...or cone home and maybe just watch a movie and ignore trying to get anything done


From: daisy20111


Thank you Elise...i like the small goals suggestion. Thats very is "you got this"