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Things to watch out for   Welcome to Live Stories!

Started 1/7/18 by RGoss99; 183 views.

From: RGoss99


Sorry about this placement, but just read your 16 things travelers should watch out for. Got back, and could not find a place

to respond, so am putting my response here, using the numbers from the original 16 as a reference.

2. Midday vs midnight is not the only time problema. Jews, Medieval Catholics (and Spain), and Muslims, start there day at sundown.

This is not a problema for hotels, and transportation, but it is for festivals. In English speaking countries we still have some reliques of this:

All Saints day is November 1, but starts on October 31, which is why we have "Halloween" - Eve of all Saints

New Year´s celebration begins on December 31 (e.g. during the old year, and in many places, except for parades and football, January 1 is a nothing day

In America, we are Split, some celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, including Christmas dinner, others on Christmas Day.

The Arrival of the three kings, is on january 6, but the parade and presents arrive on the evening of the 5th.

These are rather predictable, but when traveling to visit local festivals, that have a date on a universal calendar, one will find that if the best part os over the night before the day.

There is also a clock game. since the real festival starts the day before, the clock time occasionally reflects the day on which it starts. For example, in my village, the

patronal festival is St Roc, which ends with St Roquet, but the time is not 04:15 on your watch, but 28:15. Because the grape, xampany, and Fireworks are at 24:00 the

band for the dance starts at 24:15, not 00:15.

3. Passport forgotten, not done that, but because I live on an island with reduced rates (less then half what tourists pay) for plane and ferry tickets for residents, ones Passport or

residency card is insufficient to get a boarding pass, one needs an "empadroment" which is only good for 6 months, and must be picked up at the city hall where you pay your taxes.

Not a big deal considering you show them your residence card, and pay 0.50€, the Clerk prints it on the computer, and stamps it. But in the world in fear of terrorism, checkin can

be complicated. In English we have the term "last name" as the equivalent of surname, or paternal llinatge. But in Spain, the important name, surname, paternal llinatge, is not the

last name on your documents, it is the penultimate name, with the last name being one´s maternal llinatge. Spain is aware of the problema, so i have no problema fling out, but

in England, they have refused to issue a boarding pass because my surnames are reversed in their minds. It did not matter that I had American Passport, Spanish residency, driver´s license

bus pass, library card, etc. all with my picture, I was still considered a potetial security risk. One time I almost missed my flight because I had to complain up 3 levels in the food chain before

I found an intelligent person who though the hold up was ridiculous. On the last occasion, because my traveling companions did not see me board, they assumed I missed the plane, and

collected my luggage before I got to the luggage room (it is a lie that if you don´t board, they always remove your luggage). So on arrival at my home airport, I spent over an hour in the

lost luggage line, missed my ride home, had to pay for an expensive cab after midnight one way (return surcharge), only to find an e-mail message, that the lady next door had my luggage.

6. Where ever I have lived in the U.S. or the U.K. there are landmarks to determine NSEW, mountains, sea, church steeples, signifiant buildings, plus Street signs, and address numbers.

However in many older European countries such as Spain, there is no grid Street pattern, Street names difficult to find, address numbers not logical or invisible. Streets are Stone canyons, so

difficult to tell directions by the sun. So if one uses the Metro and comes topside, one often has towalk blocks even with a map, before finding that one is going in the wrong direction. Related to

this in reverse, one must always deterine the name of the last station on the line, because once underground, one can easily find oneself on the wrong side of the tracks, and only after boarding

and discovering that the red dots changing to Green indicate that one is going he wrong direction.

8. Wear a watch, good, and fortunately in Europe time zones are not as important as in the U.S. Canada, and Mexico (except in Baja where when traveling north to south, one gains an hour. The one problema H have had, is that one´s wrist often swells, so one loosens ones watch band, which allows the watch to slide down, but when flexing ones writs, as when handling luggage it is possible to push one of those buttons on the watch, like the one shifting from standard to daylight time, then miss one´s flight.

Adding: try to avoid packing the last minute, do it at least a day ahead from a prepared list. While one problema is forgetting needed things, the more common is taking too much. This presents several problems ... too much to carry, even if legal, no place to store it in the overhead near one´s seat on a plane. Not only that there is the matter of consideration of other passengers, boarding and deboarding, blocking passages, falling luggage on other people´s heads, etc. I often have short gigs in Barcelona, but live in Mallorca. While it is a 30-45 minute flight, figuring airport arrival boarding and the reverse tie, this flight in the best of times takes 4 hours, each way. One solution is to fly over and take the night ferry back. The tickets are the same Price, but one can walk onto or off the ferry at either end, and park free within walking distance of the port. So I park free at the port and take the shuttle buss to the airport avoiding the airport parking cost. The added cost of a bed on the ferry back is less that of one night at a hotel.

There is a time factor also. I walk aboard the ferry at midnight, get a full night´s sleep, and walk to my car. If flying home the first flight is at 07:30 getting in at 08:15, Then one must add getting up at 05:00 to checkout and metro plus train to airport and checkin, and the 45 minutes from landing to car. Making the total transport time 4 hours ending up at home an hour later totally wasted for the day. However with the boat, arriving at 06:00 after a good night´s sleep, the walk to the car and drive home only takes one hour, so at 07:00 I am ready for a productive day. Sincé both boat and hotel have toiletries, my total luggage in both cases is a shouler attache case, about 10x6x3 inches which gets me through security faster, when I put my keys, coins, belt inside before I get to the scanner. No need for a lap top, because most hotels have a free computer room.

I think you might have posted this on the wrong forum - not hard to do with Zeta if you are using the Back Arrow.

Did you want to repost it in response there?


From: RGoss99


Probably I will reposted when I can find what I was responding to.