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Gillette's Challenge   Discussions

Started 1/19/19 by Cstar1; 117 views.   View Article

From: Cstar1


A new Gillette ad is challenging men to be better, and some of them are proving that they're not.

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Yahoos not able to comprehend that GIllette is joining the Koombaya movement.

I'm assuming you are against this company telling you how to behave?... or you are against singing (I'm confused lol)

I think most men (that I know anyway) are not bullies, rapists, sexists, wife/child abusers, racists, homophobes... That's a lot of words!

Anyway I cringed when the ad said "Some Men" already are [the best they can be] ... I think that's untrue from where I sit. I believe most men are their best or like anyone else- largely strive to be. The problem is the men that aren't hold influence over those that are vulnerable.

I saw this commercial as a push back against the political mouth that has implied white, straight, rich men are above the rest and what is great about America. But that's just my Canadian 2 cents.