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Rushing the Border

November 25, 2018 5:59 pm

The border between the U.S. and Mexico has been closed after a skirmish between Border Patrol and migrants.

Nov-25 4:28 PM
Nov-25 4:28 PM
Nov-25 4:28 PM
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Nov-25 4:30 PM
sflcat (sflcat99)
sflcat (sflcat99)Nov-25

Anyone who would expose their children to this type of a situation to be used as a political pawn to gin-up sympathy is not fit to be a parent.

Kid (Kidmagnet)
Kid (Kidmagnet)Nov-25

sficat - by children you mean those that are fleeing much worse? What kind of parent does not try and save their children? Staying in what has been described as the most dangerous place on earth is better? Do you think the migrants are coming to protest politics?

Nov-25 4:32 PM
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Nov-25 4:53 PM
sflcat (sflcat99)
sflcat (sflcat99)Nov-25

The only people who should be ashamed are the ones who organized this farce. Who knows what they told these people...don't worry...the US won't do anything to stop 10,000 of you from just walking into their country.

Nov-25 4:56 PM
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Dara (AHFan)
Dara (AHFan)Nov-25

These people are seeking asylum? Fine. However, they need to do it through the proper and LEGAL channels. If they do not care to go through the legal channels, they're free to leave this country and go somewhere else. And stop dragging religion into it. The religion they practice is incidental. From an American perspective, they are free to practice whatever religion they choose, or no religion at all.As far as tear gas is concerned, what did they expect? They've known for weeks that they were planning an INVASION of our southern border. Any other country would have mowed them down. The American military was kind enough to use simple tear gas which is not illegal in this country. American Armed forces can legally use tear gas for drills and for riot control.One more thing: these people are not "migrants". They are illegal aliens.

Nov-26 6:28 AM
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