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From: marie200ff5/15/18 10:12 AM 
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Audrey posted this great article and in it one of the points was it is good to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Without a why we can lose our focus and motivation more quickly.

My why is to be able to move around more easily and be more active with my family and friends, and to get my tummy somewhat flat so I look better in my clothes.  I also just want to look thinner in general every where.

What is your why?

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From: AudreyInCa DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/18 10:21 AM 
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My why is first to be healthy...I want to be around a long time for my family and that starts with being healthy. 2nd I want to look better...I'm tired of being unhappy when I look in the mirror so my hope is one day I will look in that mirror and be ok with who I see.

I thought that article was great and I realized this time around that it is important to have that why and for me focusing more on being healthy and feeling better instead of what I look like has really of course looking better is a bonus but this time it's mostly about living a healthy lifestyle.


From: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/18 12:37 PM 
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My why is that I have severe, permanent food problems.  Losing weight would make it easier for me to walk maybe.  Tomorrow we're grocery shopping and I have to use an electric cart because my feet hurt too badly for me to walk.  Also would be nice to knit sweaters that look good on me.


From: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/18 4:42 PM 
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My reason is health:  i've been pre-diabetic for years, and gradually gaining weight all the time.  Then last fall i got diagnosed with 2 conditions that are usually associated with diabetes.  I'd also like to get off high blood pressure medicine because of an annoying side effect.  I got the necessary weight off to stop diabetes (I'm not even in the pre-diabetes range anymore), but I can't return to the old eating habits, so this was a permanent change I'm still adjusting to.  I still need to get more weight off before I can stop the high blood pressure med.




From: Franki 7775 (franki7775) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/18/18 4:20 AM 
To: marie200ff  (5 of 25) 
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I also want to lose tummy fat, seems like my office job just does not allow me to be as active as I want to be. I see other guys showing off their six packs, while I've never seen my. So I just long to see it. 


From: AudreyInCa DelphiPlus Member Icon5/18/18 10:37 AM 
To: Franki 7775 (franki7775) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 25) 
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Oh i know that feeling of wanting to lose tummy fat...having had a c-section 30 yrs ago it makes it so much harder to lose that tummy but i'm determined if not to lose it to make it much smaller lol.  I too have an office job but I make myself get up and walk on my breaks. My fitbit vibrates on my arm when i have not moved for 30 mins..even if it's just walking around the building or to the copy machine. I make sure I get out of my chair


From: Franki 7775 (franki7775) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/18/18 11:47 AM 
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I try to do that too, but we are always watched as you can't walk too much or you would be labelled as being unproductive. 


From: marie200ff5/18/18 12:55 PM 
To: Franki 7775 (franki7775) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 25) 
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Hopefully you have time before and after work to be active. I have all day to be active since I am a stay at home mom but I still only manage a short walk a day and not even everyday at that. It's hard but I just keep trying to keep moving. 


From: FL-Pat (FLOWERSUN) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/20/18 9:21 AM 
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My why is because I really do not like the way I look with this extra weight.  It makes me feel good when I put something on and I’m not struggling to get it on....or buying bigger and bigger clothes.  I want to lose the weight to stay as healthy as I can as well.   My mother lived to 101 and lived in her own home.  My mother’s sister lived to 95, and another is still alive at 103!  If I have those genes....I want to be healthy and not end up in a nursing home!

 Flowersun and Angel


From: AudreyInCa DelphiPlus Member Icon5/20/18 11:16 AM 
To: FL-Pat (FLOWERSUN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 25) 
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Wow that is amazing all the women in your family have lived long lives...and I totally know what you mean about not wanting to live in a nursing home when you get older.  My grandmother lived to be 97 and she only passed because she got pneumonia and couldn't kick it...other than that she was healthy. Most my family has lived in to the 90s so like you i want to be healthy if i live that long.  And also I want to look in the mirror and be happy with who I see


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