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Is anyone left?   General

Started 11/30/16 by Bill Condie (PBG); 1446 views.
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From: asyop


Bill, I hope that you read this sooner or later. Let me invite you to participate in the discussion we are currently having at Macintoshgarden site, your name has been mentioned once or twice, and your input would be most welcome:

Signed, "an old friend from Finland". Haha!

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Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


What an absolute delight.

Thank you Lauri!!!!!

You just sent e on a marvellous trip down memory lane.

Can you handle TWO forums with real people?

Here's a memory  for you from The Wayback Machine

It's The Polar Bakery

 Delphi wouldn't let me paste the link directly, but I hope the above works.



From: asyop


Bill, how cool it was that I finally got in touch with you, after much effort. Haha! A delight for me as well, after so many years!!!
Pease do consider making a Macintoshgargen account and join our discussion. I will be hanging around there at least for some time -- how long, I cannot say. Maybe not that long. But there are, indeed, people who remember and respect you. Would be kind of cool, don't you think?
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From: asyop


Hey Bill, look at this! The Bakery is still open:

... I wonder whether they would be willing to sell and send me a cake! Haha!


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Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Ah yes, Different  location and I'm not sure who ran it.  But the bread wasn't the same.

I think it folded recently, I must swing by.

That was my first web page, followed by George the Butcher next door, and later by an online gel candlestick store.

So I had The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestickmaker and was set to become a dotcom millionaire!

I spent more than I earned, but had fun.