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New Basilisk II and SheepShaver Builds   Emulation

Started Oct-15 by ClockWise (Strangelove1) (Strangelove1); 156 views.

There were some new builds of SheepShaver and Basilisk for Windows and macOS at the end of September.  These were built from a new fork of the emulators.

We also took the time to do major overhauls of the setup guides for each.  Find the new stuff here:

and here:

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Still alive indeed!!!

I am quite out of touch. What are the main uses today? Is there a Korean connection?

The main uses are still pretty much the same.  People are nostalgic for some games and apps they used to use.  Occasionally people need to access old documents for work purposes.  I got an email from the famous comic book writer Steve Englehart (he created a bunch of those Marvel superheroes in the movies) about accessing his old files.  That was neat, 'cuz I read his stories when I was a kid.

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From: Bill Condie (PBG)



I went by bus to Iguazu Falls a long time ago. What a sight!

Did you check out that German story I mentioned?

Yeah, I was familiar with that one.  Quite an interesting story.  I passed by the hotel where he killed himself.  A lot of people request to see the room, but I decided to pass.

  Paraguay was famous for having random colonies settled by random groups.  Some early Australian communists set up a colony of their own, and I believe that the French king sent a ship full of convicts to establish a colony of their own.  

And of course there are the Mennonites who came from Canada in the early 20th century (when education became compulsory).  They settled in the deep desert and are still thriving to this day.  Go figure.

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Sounds like a different story. Nietzsche's Sister and Her Lost Aryan Colony

What was your one?

Nah.  Same story.  

Nietzsche's sister Elizabeth follows her husband to Paraguay to found  Nueva Germania, but it goes really badly because the malaria and the fleas.  Husband kills himself in the most famous hotel in Paraguay.  Sister returns to Germany.  Hitler sends delegation some years later.

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Ooooop!  I hadn't read that far. And I'm sure it wasn't in the blurb.

The publisher should hire you!!!