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Mac Windows Book on Open Library   General

Started Nov-21 by ClockWise (Strangelove1) (Strangelove1); 40 views.

John Rizzo's book "Macintosh-Windows Integration" has just been scanned into the Open Library and can be borrowed (if someone else isn't currently reading it):

It is one of the most recent scans, so might not be available via the main Open Library page, but you can get it at the above link.

John operated for many years. I used to email him whenever a new emulator version was released.

There are a few pages in the book about emulators available back in 1999. There's also a reference to Darek promising to demonstrate his PPC emulator at the July 1999 Macworld Expo. I wonder how far along Darek actually got with that.

Also mentioned are Gemulator, Fusion, vMac and Executor. Also SheepShaver, which did not run in Windows at that time.


From: asyop


Thanks for the info!

It would be interesting to know what John Rizzo had to say about those early emulators ... maybe I will borrow that book.

I remember having a link to "" on my B2 page back then. It was always interesting to read what he had to say. Not about B2, but other cross-platform stuff.

His site seems to be gone now, according to "" maybe some time around 2016. Too bad that Rizzo didn't write that book a few years later. There could have been mentions of Basilisk II and SheepShaver, too :) And nowadays, all the exciting "new" (!?) stuff; PearPC, QEMU, mini vMac and others ... MACE ... I hope that he will someday make an update. There is hope though: at Macintoshgarden, there was some talk that Richard Moss is possibly going to write about the old emulation stuff.

>> I wonder how far along Darek actually got with that.

I cannot comment on that, but this made me remember: two of the commercial emulator authors made me offers to work with their upcoming products. Sadly, for now, I must leave you guessing who they were. I mostly wanted to participate in freeware projects. But in one negotiation some sums of money were mentioned. No deal was reached though! The other one turned out to be impossible, too, for different reasons. I'm sorry for being so vague. I would like that the emulation history is written as accurately as possible, but I never want to break any trust. Maybe I should contact them and ask for permission to talk about these details. They are not embarrassing to any of us in any way -- but they were private discussions.