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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Spiritual Clinic #6   T. Austin Sparks

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   A manifestation of ill-temper, irritability, jealousy, personal interest, pride, respect of persons, suspicion, concern for place, prestige, approval; being influenced by hearsay, report, criticism; prejudice, partiality, compromise. All these or others, and some very much worse. Anyone who reads this will understand what is meant and would be well able to appreciate the acute suffering and resultant numbness and paralysis of such an experience as it strikes at the vitals of faith, fellowship and trust. There are so many embittered and sceptical, soured and suspicious because of such disappointed expectations, and too often they allow it to strike at their faith in God.

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   Now the first thing to say is that the Lord has prescribed very carefully for this form of paralysis, both for prevention and cure. He has pointed out the antidote both in word and deed. As to the word, at how much pains has God been to warn against "putting trust" in man. Again and again the danger and folly of making man a prop and a basis of confidence has been emphasised. As to the practical side, why - if not for this very purpose - has not the Lord prevented the disappointing and, sometimes, shameful breakdown of His best servants from being placed on record. If the Bible is inspired of God, then we have to place the record to the intention of God. It is strange that we so often extract the comfort for ourselves from this fact, but are shocked when we discover the "like passions" in certain others.