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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The sign of the prophet Jonah #2   T. Austin Sparks

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The Adversary who would keep Christ dead to the world and the unbelief which is his means of so doing can only be met and overthrown by experimental possession, knowledge and outgoing of "the power of His resurrection." This is in and by the presence and fullness of the Holy Spirit. The other thing which is linked with this is the necessity for each servant of God to have come so much to the place of death as to himself or herself, and in all personal resources and confidence, as to be this sign in their very being. The Lord would have all His witnesses to be, not just givers of objective evidence, but themselves personifications of the truth; a "manifestation of the truth"; an embodiment of the principle of life triumphant over spiritual death. Resurrection is life for ascension and impartation. Ascendancy and transmission are features of the witnesses. This is the test of all profession, representation, claims. It is all too terribly true that there can be "a name to live, but dead." In the ship's company chiding Jonah there may be a type of the world rebuking the church for its slumber. We are called, constituted and privileged to bring the fact of the Lord Jesus as living in the power of absolute sovereignty home to all that challenges Him.

And unless the powers of darkness and death feel and recognise the reality of His mighty victory over them, the mission of the Church has broken down, and there is no substitute for that object and purpose of its existence. There must be a crucified and resurrected Church to evidence the crucified and risen Lord Jesus