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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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Sign of Jonah #5   T. Austin Sparks

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Faith is the gift of God, and being the gift of God has in it the germ of the exceeding "greatness of His power... the strength of His might which He wrought in Christ when He raised Him from the dead" - raised Him from the abyss to the Throne by "the all else excelling power of God's almightiness."

And there is the tremendous emphasis on what the Lord must do in the Church; it is that the Church may receive from the Lord by the Holy Spirit a revelation of the calling, a revelation of Him, and then receive by the same Spirit a strengthening in all might into the inner man according to that working (inward energising) of the strength of His Might, which He wrought in Christ when He raised Him from the dead. In both cases it is to be an expression of the same exceeding greatness of His power, that was seen in the raising of the Lord Jesus from the dead; the all else excelling power of God's almightiness.

We must remember the Lord Jesus was not the first one to be raised from the dead; there was Lazarus; the widow's son, Jairus's daughter; and in the Old Testament times the Shunamite's son, and the man thrown into Elisha's sepulchre; these all rose from the dead, but had to go back again to the grave, it was only a temporary thing, and at length they had to surrender to death. But the raising from the dead of the Lord Jesus was other than that, when He rose something happened that made it impossible for death to have any more claim upon Him, and that something was the all excelling power of God's almightiness to destroy, bring to nought him that had the power of death.