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The Anointing of the Holy Spirit #5   T. Austin Sparks

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Secret History with God

You remember later when after the anointing and after seemingly David had gone back to the sheep, for he went back after the anointing and not until probably forty days after the battle had commenced was it that David was sent by his father with gifts to his brethren, and he heard the challenge of the giant, that some of the secret history came out. When Saul interrogated him he spoke about the lion and the bear and how the Lord delivered him. There was that one who amongst men had no place, who was rejected of men, accounted as not having any position or worthiness amongst men for recognition, but who had a secret history with God in the field, perhaps in the wilderness, and that secret history I think is bound up with what is said about his appearance. There is that which embodies something of God, that expression, that beauty, that ruddiness. It is put in that place, not as the ground of selection or choice, or approval, but as a testimony to something else in the background of his life. It is true that very often one whom the Lord chooses does seem to have something which commends itself to man; a countenance ruddy, a beauty that others take account of, and they say: "Well, it is quite clear the Lord has chosen that one, it is obvious the Lord has anointed that one," and they begin to think that that appearance, that presence, that beauty, that expression, is the ground upon which the Lord has anointed them: but never, never! The Lord never anointed anyone for what they were in themselves. The Lord only anoints on the ground of a secret history with Himself. David - there was a background with God which brought him into his place amongst men, but it was not what he was in nature, in himself.

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   Notice with Saul, he was anointed at the beginning, but the anointing meant that there was something given to him which was not of himself and immediately Saul began to act out from himself apart from God, the anointing was withdrawn. That was the background of his downfall. He did not wait for Samuel, he acted from himself and not under the anointing. And he forfeited the anointing. Note this. While we may have the Spirit, beloved, we may receive the Spirit and the Spirit may abide in us as an indwelling Presence, and failure may take place in our lives, the Spirit may not withdraw from us because of failure now in this dispensation, that is, we may not lose the Holy Spirit because we make mistakes, but we can forfeit the anointing. The anointing is one thing and having the Spirit is another. The anointing represents the equipment for our vocation and we may miss that. The anointing has brought to some the spiritual ability perhaps to teach, or for some purpose or other of a practical vocational character, the anointing has been with them for that, and by wrong doing they have forfeited that anointing and lost, not the power to talk, but the power to minister: not the power to preach, but the power in preaching to reach men's hearts. The danger is we might go on with the office and lose the unction; and while we may not lose the Spirit we may lose the anointing.