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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Letters of Peter #4   T. Austin Sparks

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Now, it is not exaggerating to say that a thousand times a week that question arises for us. God does not do what He did in the Old Testament times when you are wanting or expecting Him to intervene, deliver, change circumstances, or give you a seal of His approval by prospering in temporal things. It must have been a terrible shock to the Jews to be told that a wealthy, religious man had no more chance of the Kingdom of God than the poor beggar sitting at the gate with a dog licking his sores; that this poor man stood as good a chance, perhaps a better, than the other one - that is all a mark of God's disapproval. This man with all his wealth - "that is the mark of the blessing of God" -  that is how they judged. The Lord Jesus said, "No, in this new dispensation that is not the standard at all." It is revolutionary; it was a shock; and other things He said like that. They believed that anything in the way of temporal blessing was a mark of God's favour, and therefore of God's power on their behalf.

If things went wrong, that was the sign of God's disfavour. That is the whole argument of the book of Job. God is judging from another standpoint. You may have a good deal of adversity, the Lord may seem to be leaving you, and yet that may be more the mark of God's presence and power to get your soul into a position, than if you had all prosperity and never went through a trial of faith like this. That can be said in other words, but it is something to be faced.

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The Lord does not just come in and prevent things from happening, and He does not just come in and deliver from things that have happened. Sometimes it depends very much upon whether there are spiritual principles involved, whether our soul is at stake over the matter. When He gets our souls into the right place, He can do things, but if we are going to build upon that, build our salvation upon what God does in this world for us, it is too dangerous to the Lord. His power is more concerned with getting our souls saved than with getting our temporal well-being established, and that is a wide field; it covers a lot of ground. But that is what this letter is about, as I see it.

"The power of God... through faith". "The end of your faith, the salvation of your souls", and from the beginning to the end: trial, the trial of your faith.