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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Letters of Peter #9   T. Austin Sparks

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Diligence Over Against Distraction

Again, diligence will stand over against distraction, dividedness or detraction. Here is something which the apostle says is a matter for us, and what it amounts to is resolutely resisting the distracting things, the things which would divide mind, attention, and heart, and that will detract from the one business on hand. It is a case of undividedly and unreservedly applying the heart and mind to God's calling, and diligence will therefore require just the brushing aside of things that would come in to take from the completeness of application. It is the refusal to be divided over a number of things, to have one object, and to make everything come into line with that and what cannot, must stand back; we are on this business. That is diligence over against distraction and dividedness.

Diligence Over Against Superficiality

Once more, it will certainly stand over against all superficiality, just glibly skimming the surface, just passing lightly on our way. Diligence will mean a getting down to the heart of things and seeking to grasp the inner depths of God's meanings, not just taking things at their surface value, but seeking to know all that God means by something: diligence working against superficiality.

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Diligence Over Against Procrastination

And then, finally, diligence will certainly be opposed to procrastination, to delay. This is one of our great enemies, the great peril of thinking that sometime we will get down to it, things will help us when we get here or there, when this happens or that. Sometimes it is without any kind of defined situation in which it will be done, but it is not now; it will be. We may not have thought when or how, but it will be, that is ahead, that is our object. Or it may be when we know this or that, when we are sure on some point we will be able to concentrate and get down to it, but that goes on for ever. You never will, however old you get, you will never be free of that peril of thinking, "Yes, this is going to be, but it is not now". Diligence says, "We are not delaying this; as far as in us lies, now is the time, and it may never be unless it is now". Diligence says, "Now is the time to get down to it as far as possible". Probably we shall discover, as we take that attitude, that we are making possible a good deal more and ruling out a great deal of the weakness and the loss which is continually sustained by this tomorrow that never comes, this going to do it which never arrives. Diligence says, "No, today!"

We have not said anything about the things that come into Peter's great addition sum, but we approach it by this word 'diligence'. Give the more diligence, add in your diligence. The Lord make us diligent servants.

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