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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Testimony of the Christ #3   T. Austin Sparks

Started 10/19/21 by PAULFROMNYS; 71 views.
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   When His disciples were on the lake and He came walking on the water, "He would have passed by them" (Mark 6:48). The Lord is not going to coerce you or force Himself upon you. With all the mighty thing that is bound up with Him, He is not going to force it on you, He is not going to compel you, He is going to be constrained by you. "They constrained him." We have to arrive there. I end by saying that you can miss it, you can let it go. He is going on, He will be back in Jerusalem presently. Others will be coming into the full glory of it. Will you have missed all that God means for your life - not only, perhaps, as one who has not yet commenced to know the Lord, but in that immeasurably greater fulness for those who do know Him? Are you going to miss it for want of that eager outreach which says, 'No, come in and abide! We cannot go on without You, I cannot do without You, You have made me to know that You are the one Who has the answer to my problems, the secret I am seeking is in You.' "They constrained."

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   We will all have to constrain Him, not just read or listen to things about Him and great things that the Lord wants for us. They could have heard it all and could have let Him go on. They could have said, 'It was a wonderful walk, a wonderful talk, he was a wonderful teacher, and that is the end - He has gone'. No, no! There is that outreach of heart, that outreach from the inside which takes hold and says, 'Lord, I cannot do without You'. And He went in, He yielded to their constraint and went in, and they sat down to eat, and He took a loaf - He had done that before - and broke it, and their eyes were opened and they knew Him. That was the beginning of history for them. He becomes known when we in our hearts have said, 'Lord, come in, stay!'