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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Spiritual Clinic #4   T. Austin Sparks

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   Thus, in the matter of the mind an intense warfare is clearly revealed as going on, and cleaving, captivating and defensive forces are needed. God's provision is not for our protection from our own flesh, that He requires us to reckon ourselves as dead to, but against the adversary. It will be as well for us to bear in mind that the powers of evil interpose between ourselves and others, and others and ourselves, and set up false situations, distort things said, misinterpret anything capable of being misinterpreted, and even creating or suggesting a sense of strain and disaffection when in fact there is none. The recognition of this as being so, and the more so as the spiritual life and work intensifies (explaining why the most spiritual often become the most deeply involved), is basic to any deliverance.

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2. The location of the trouble

A further step toward victory is a tracking down of the location of the trouble. We shall have to secure the basic reason and cause of the evil. After all, is that reason in ourselves? Is there not really and truly a revolt in us against it? Is it because we have personal interests to look after? Are there secret personal ambitions, concerns, rights (?) provinces? Does it really matter to us whether we lose all if only Christ comes into His own? Have we "learned how to be abased as well as how to abound"?

If we can give a clear answer to God in such matters may we not conclude that these thoughts and feelings which constantly worry us are not of our choosing or consent? Would we be gratified or grieved if our thoughts about others proved true? This is a good test.

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3. A vital necessity

Now whether it be from without or from within there must be an instrument and ground IN us as well as outside of us for victory. This is the renewed spirit and renewed mind. The natural mind and the carnal mind are Satan's ground. We need not here refer to the Scriptures which refer to this; it is enough to say that the Holy Spirit resides within the renewed spirit of every one "born of the Spirit." His work it is to make the Cross of Christ real and effectual in the believer's life. But He does this co-operatively. That is, He bears witness to the truth and against the lie. He judges things for us and in so far as we walk after the spirit and not after the flesh, we are swift to discern what the Spirit saith. When thus He bears witness and registers His judgment, He calls upon us in our renewed spirit to take His enablement and positively and deliberately take the judged thing to the Cross and on the ground of Calvary's victory to refuse and repudiate that thing. Thus we learn to be strong in spirit as we act in faith upon the energising of His might, but it all remains His strength and never becomes ours independently. We shall find that such a course brings deliverance, but it may be that the enemy will return again and again with the old thing until he finds that we have learned how to "resist" effectually, and thus he will change his method. It is the Body of Christ and its corporate witness which is involved, and a due recognition of this will be a more adequate dynamic and motive for resistance than a merely personal concern.

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Chapter 3 - The Paralysis of Disappointed Expectations


As we have observed, the causes of spiritual paralysis are very numerous, and we do not expect or attempt to cover the whole ground in this present undertaking. Some of the most common, and, at the same time, such as include others, will engage our attention.

We proceed to speak of

The Paralysis of Disappointed Expectations

There are not a few typical instances of such in the Word of God. Some of these are discerned in ejaculative and fragmentary expressions, such as that of Job, "My purposes are broken off!"