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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The Spiritual Clinic #7   T. Austin Sparks

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Paul has very much to say on matters of order in the Church, and it is not merely the individual position which is of importance, but the relative factor and element. Independent action is as dangerous as dislocation, it robs of covering and protection and exposes to enemy forces. There is a heavenly order, a spiritual system, and the relationships and ministries of believers are to be upon those spiritual principles and a reflection of that heavenly order.

What Paul says about woman's place in ministry and the domestic relationships of the saints can only be understood and appreciated in this light.

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   When one called of God to do the work of an evangelist assumes the role of a teacher, or vice-versa, or anyone marked out for this particular functioning attempts to do that, or when one goes beyond their scope and assumes any prerogative which is not theirs by Divine ordering, they are in the way of an arrested ministry, and more, they will be landed into serious confusion. People and things - otherwise occupying a vital position in the Divine plan - put into their wrong places have the Divine unction withdrawn from them. This becomes manifest and the spiritually undiscerning conclude that the thing or the person is outside of the Divine purpose and accordingly they rule them out. Thus much confusion and loss ensues.

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   Undoubtedly in New Testament times the recognition of the corporate nature of the Church and the definite prayer which followed the baptism of everyone who thereby testified to their identification with Christ was the initial establishing of this relative position and this truth of articulation, adjustment, and function. The Holy Ghost came in and took up the superintendence from that time, and any disorder thenceforth was against Him. In these few lines we have encircled a very wide and important field of truth and would plead for a prayerful retracing step by step with the Word. The Holy Spirit's method is to set His seal upon us as we move according to His leading; not according to our fancy, choice, aptitude, predilection or ambition.