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Based on Malachi 3:16-18 I believe the Lord will harken to us as we consider his word together.

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The GOD of Bethel #5   T. Austin Sparks

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All this is one great prolonged emphasis upon the words of the Psalm, "Holiness becometh Thy House, O Lord, for ever."

Again let us say that Holiness is not a department of truth, a line of teaching, but it embraces the whole house of God from centre to circumference, from foundation to top-stone, and all that is in it.

Men organise movements and constitute societies. God sanctifies people as the instruments of His purpose.    Men think more of the work to be done. God thinks most of the spiritual state of His children.

Of the twenty-seven books comprising the New Testament, six are largely history with much spiritual teaching in them, and all the rest - twenty-one books - are devoted to the spiritual life and state of believers.

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God never guarantees to keep work or workers going beyond the spiritual condition or standard that He requires. There comes a point where men have to assume the responsibility and take the strain, and the Lord lets it fall on them if the spiritual standard is lowered.

Bigness and what man calls success is not the determining feature of spiritual value, but spiritual suitability to God. What determines things according to God is whether they proclaim Him at every point.

The last verdict of man passed upon Christ here on earth was, "truly this was a righteous man." Not "a successful man" or "an able man" or "a clever man," but "a righteous man." Our chief concern must be, not for what others will call successful, but for what God can establish forever: what can be made to really serve His end - i.e., the manifestation of Christ, and such must be above all else marked by holiness.

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The one thing upon which the Lord Jesus could challenge men as to Himself was the question of sin.

He did not say, "Which of you can charge me with being unlearned, or without ability, or prestige?" but, "which of you chargeth me with sin?"

Nothing is of value in God's eyes beyond the degree of its holiness. The instruments which have been mostly used of God have been those which had a spiritual state mostly in view. With these the spiritual state of the Lord's people was of infinitely greater influence than the success of the enterprise embarked upon.

Many great instrumentalities have sprung out of ministries concerned with full sanctification. If Jacob is to be God's "Prince," which means to have power with God and man, and this is to be related to Bethel, The House of God, then, if it takes twenty years to do it, God will discipline and chasten and smite the flesh in order to make him a suitable head of the House of Israel - which was God's dwelling.

It is important and helpful to note that often the Lord gives some revelation of truth far ahead of it becoming effectual, and then begins a history of dealings with us to bring us into conformity - spiritually - with that truth. So it was with Jacob. When the time arrives then we know quite well why He has so led us and dealt with us, and are able to enter into it in a living way, rather than just a mental way.