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Cant login to original facebook account   Hardware Haven & Buying Advice

Started May-23 by Old Age Ted (daveb32); 159 views.

I'm trying to login to my original Facebook account, I have not used it for a while, I did manage to access it a couple of months ago, but now it's decided to ask me questions, which is not a problem, changed the password and got in, I'm now using a new computer, and its logged me out as its saying I'm using a different browser, I get the option of getting a code to either my email address of phone, when I select one it just spins like its loading and I can't get any further, this is the message I get.

We noticed a login from a browser, device or location that you don't usually use. We need to confirm that it was you before you can get back on Facebook.

Followed by this option.

Choose how to confirm that this is your account

Complete a few steps to confirm that this is your account

Then I get this

Choose an option

How do you want to confirm that this account is yours? You can try any of these options more than once. Learn more

Get a code sent to your phone

Get a code sent to your email address

Have tried both options but nothing happens, it looks like it's loading but doesn't

Hope someone out there can help me, would like to get back into my original account, thanks.


From: xSomeguyx


Best advice is to use a current browser (ie the most recent version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox) and try it there.. short of that, you'll probably need to contact Facebook support.