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July 2004, PC makeover price mistake?   Technology & Product News

Started by fordman20; 184 views.

From: fordman20


I just got in the July 2004 issue. I noticed in the "PC makeover" article, they make over an old HP computer. They say they upgrade the old 60GB hard drive with a 400GB Hitachi hard drive and it costs $160.00. WTF ???? I can't find that drive anywhere. The largest drive I see on is a 300GB and it costs $237.00. Also, the largest drive that sales is also a 300GB and it $244.00 +/-. What gives?????
Well, Hitachi does make a 400GB drive, but I highly doubt it's only $160.

That musta been a typo.


From: fordman20


You are right. I looked up on the Hitachi site and saw the drive. It sucks when they do stuff like that. There is a list of the parts they used and the prices they paid. They also totalled everything on the page, so it is a little more than a typo. But, I do agree with you.

From: TsunamiOO7


Are those big drives only running at 4000-5400?
... found it.


It's 414.99$, which is about .964 gigabytes/$ (or ~$1.04/GB). That's a decent cost considering most of the smaller drives are around $.82/GB.

The reliability of it? I don't think I could entrust 400GB of data to one HD.

In reply toRe: msg 5
It was a typo. Someone misentered the price, then saw the error with the sum and 'corrected' that.

It will run in the corrections for August I think.

Sorry for the confusion.

Damn. I was hoping you would reveal the mysterious vendor selling it at these prices and I was gonna get 10! Oh well back to selling my first born just to get 1.