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Get the latest news on new products and upcoming technologies right here!

Circuit-level conversations on all that's going on with gear and advice on buying computer hardware. Multimedia and Internet/Networking hardware should be discussed in the Multimedia Madhouse and Internet & Network Nook respectively.

Buy and sell hardware, software, or just about anything that's not illegal here. Unlike e-bay, we don't take commissions!

Get help and swap home remedies for what ails your PC. This is the *ONLY* folder for technical support questions to fix existing problems for Windows-based systems. If you have a problem with an alternate-OS system, please post it in the Alt.OS.Abode.

Need help building a system? Want to tweak it to get every last ounce of speed out of it? Looking for inspiration for your next computer mod? This is the place for it!

Discuss the latest security threats, virus warnings, and patches, and get ready to secure your network.

Discuss the latest in PC sound, music, imagery and video software and technology. Then gather with your fellow fraggers and get the game on.

Find out the latest data relating to the Information Superhighway or trip the light LANtastic here.

Got servers? Got clients? Share your tips and tricks of the trade right here.

Discuss your MS operating system tips, tricks and questions here. If you have an actual problem, use the Free Clinic.

Linux lovers, FreeBSD followers, BeOS believers rejoice, for we have an Alt-OS forum just for you.

Programmers, pool your resources and help one another out with VB hacks, PHP fixes, C# bug reports, and more.

Got a bone to pick with a PC company? Got a favorite vendor? File your complaints of shoddy hardware and buggy software. Maybe you found a company you love? Well share it here as well!

Hang out in the Lounge for off-topic conversation.

Special private forum for Power Users and advanced topics.
Membership is by nomination only.

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  • Discussions on how to get CD-KEYs, Serials, Key Generators, or Cracks are not permitted. (This includes links to other websites with this information).
  • Discussions on how to circumvent anti-piracy features, shareware nag screens, cd checks, etc are not permitted. (This includes links to other websites with this information).
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  • Post topics in the right folder. If it's a Windows problem it shouldn't be in Hardware Haven!

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