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Drug OD deaths nearly tripled since 1999, CDC says

CBS News
Drug overdose deaths have nearly tripled in the United States since 1999, with whites and middle-aged Americans bearing much of the brunt, a new government report shows. More than 16 out of every 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2015
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73% of overdose deaths in 2015 were from opioids

FOX31 Denver - ‎3 hours ago‎
America's opioid epidemic continues: The latest numbers from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention show that overdoses involving opioids represented 73% of all overdose deaths in 2015. That's a significant jump from 57% in 2010.

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CBS News

More than one out of three average Americans used a prescription opioid painkiller in 2015, despite growing concerns these medicines are promoting widespread addiction and overdose deaths, a new federal study shows. Nearly 92 million U.S. adults, or about 38 percent of the population, took a legitimately prescribed opioid like OxyContin or Percocet in 2015, according to results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. "The proportion of adults who receive these medications in any year seemed startling to me," said study co-author Dr. Wilson Compton, deputy director of the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse. "It's an awful lot of people who take these, mostly for medical purposes, but within that a significant percentage end up misusing them," he added. The survey found that 11.5 million people, or nearly 5 percent of the population, misused prescription opioids they'd obtained through illicit means...About 1.9 million Americans (0.8 percent) reported full-fledged opioid addiction.

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FDA wants opioid painkiller pulled off market

CNN  - ‎June 9, 2017
(CNN) The US Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that drugmaker Endo Pharmaceuticals must remove its powerful opioid painkiller Opana ER from the market.

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White House Opioid Crisis Commission Tells Trump: Declare a National Emergency +
Time.com | Tue Aug 01, 2017 13:24 UTC

142 U.S. citizens die every day from a drug overdose


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From the CBS story in post three:

"Of those who misused prescription opioids, more than 50 percent got the medications as hand-me-downs from family or friends. Overall, nearly 60 percent of misuse involved taking opioids without a prescription."


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Almost half of all opioid misuse starts with a friend or family member’s prescription


More than half of adults who misused opioids did not have a prescription...The major culprit behind the misuse is excessive prescriptions ... with doctors providing patients with too many pills for too long. After delivering a baby, for example, women typically use half of what they’re given, said Stephen Patrick, a Vanderbilt University neonatologist...


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U.S. launches opioid fraud and detection unit

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled on Wednesday a plan to go after doctors and pharmacies suspected of healthcare fraud by over-prescribing and unbridled distribution of addictive pain medications known as opioids.  Full Article 


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DEA proposes cutting production of some opioid painkillers Aug 04 2017

(Reuters) - The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on Friday proposed a 20 percent reduction in the manufacture of certain commonly prescribed opioid painkillers as well as other controlled substances for next year. ..Demand for certain Schedule II opioid painkillers including morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone and hydrocodone has dropped after the imposition of measures such as prescription-drug monitoring programs, the DEA said.


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FDA to step up targeting of fentanyl, other synthetic opioids at postal ...

Washington Post-Aug 4, 2017
The Food and Drug Administration is strengthening efforts to detect opioids illegally entering the country through the mail, reflecting heightened concerns about the flood of synthetic fentanyl and similar drugs being shipped from China and elsewhere...FDA staffers who are stationed at mail facilities — in cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles — typically examine suspicious packages identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. The facilities check envelopes and packages arriving from more than 180 countries but often don’t have manifest details that would help in targeting shipments...Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) is pushing a bipartisan bill called the STOP Act, which would require foreign postal services to provide electronic security data on all packages shipped to the United States. Another group of senators has introduced legislation that would provide customs officials with such tools as high-tech chemical screening devices to help detect illicit opioids.

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