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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 345872 views.

From: kitiara31576


I haven't actually ever tried looking up anyone by their "name", only their ID.  I've only been playing since the middle of July and when I first found this forum, I didn't realize people on PC's couldn't be friends with those of us on android devices.  I'm pretty sure the ID's I couldn't find were probably all on other platforms.

I have 73 friends now but am always willing to add more.  I don't necessarily need more friends for gifting purposes, since I'm always two days behind in gifting back to people now, but you can always use more friends when events roll around like the anniversary event we just had.

If anyone else wants to add me, my game name is kitiara and my ID is a1272190.


From: Rangergirl69


Just started a new game and would like to let people know.  My name is rangergirl69 my I'd is a1281816 and play on android. Friends welcomed. 


From: lsmatz24


I just did the same thing.  My game name is Harpo2 My game number is a1291221. If you want to add me please do and I will reply.



From: Susanna502MC


Invite sent. Thanks

Msg 10.224 deleted

From: Gailanno


Hi all, I got a new tablet (old one ran out of memory for MC).  BFG helped get my game restored, but I've lost all my friends.  Since I can't access my old game, I don't know their game id's.  I'd love to have some new friends, especially going into CC season.  My new id is # is a1293885.  In the meantime, I'll try to friend some folks here.  (P.S. I'm a great gift giver.)

Oh, my game name is Annagail.  Thanks

Msg 10.226 deleted
Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

I started a new game (only at level 11 at the moment) but looking for some Android friends. I play as Katt ID# a1281222.


From: achristine72


I had to reset my phone and lost all my friends. Am now in search of new ones. I am on level 87 and go by Artina. My # is a1291937. Please feel free to add me. I am just about on everyday and always gift giving.


From: Werecatqueen


Had to hard reset my phone due to freezing issues, and in the process, my baby game got eaten by void elementals.

My new android game ID is a130025 playing as Gatekeeper Iss'ao