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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 113661 views.

From: need2NObasis


it's official. i am the hardest person on amazon fire/kindle-fire tablets. just replaced my 8th (or is it my 9th?) so needless to say i have to rebuild the castle. i am on a quest for friends yet again. my id is a1322162 and my player name is Me?!. thank you for your consideration. and p.s. get the screen protector @ shock proof case. you won't regret it.

Hi Me! wave

If you need friends and  help rebuilding your Castle, please feel free to reach out to  the Android Consortium Member Team. They will be  happy to help you!! Feel free to post in the Consortium Thread, PM the Members directly, or always feel comfortable at anytime to PM me directly, if I may help or be of assistance in any way at all!! The Consortium is always here to lend a helping hand!! couple

You may send invites to: 

Enjoy having fun in the Castle!!

Consortium Leader

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


you old castle is still saved on The  BF Servers. You Need to Send A request to Customer service to move your old game to Your new Number. You Send them a move game request for MC With your old  Game/Friends code and your new one.  It usually take 1 to 3 days. The old game will overwrite the new one. You can play the new one till this happens, and you do need to reinvite all your friends because they do not transfer.

I have had to change kindle fire tablets once due to old age. I will change be buying a new one again after the spring event(my birthday present). The current on was bought Christmas 2015. The best part is amazon offers the case and screen protectors as suggested add on purchases.


From: need2NObasis


thank you. i did just that. they where able to move everything except the friends list as you said. i am hoping i get new ones and or old ones.


From: need2NObasis


thank you so very much debbie! i will send invites today. 

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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


 I am posting this for people who need Friends to gift and more rooms to play for the spring event. I just reached level 13 and opened the rooms. I know have four android games Pretty2-a1123056, Cutiepie-a1283792, and two baby games at level 13 Wendy1-a987142, fred-a1322445. Wendy1 has spring room one open. Fred has spring room two open. I will take all friends. I check the games once a day for gifting around time change so I can easily get in two gifting rounds.  Have fun storming the castle.


From: dollymix16


Hello...just jumped in on this as I have not a clue how to join discussions on the forum. 


From: BJApple


Welcome to the forum..  This is the place to find out all things about this amazing game.  You can find friends here.  You need to include your game name, what device you play on pc, ios, or Android (a).  So I am a476965 BAPPLE.  If you play on an android device we can be friends.  Just post here and you are likely to get many offers of friendship. Along the left side of this page are many areas of interest.  There are many players that will answer your questions.  You may ask a question by starting at the top of  the page...New topic.  Your question will be answered and placed in the best place eventually.  Scroll down to an area called the Consortium.  Players  are willing to help people trying to complete achievements or get eggs.  We are a very helpful bunch. Again...welcome to the forum.  Betty (BAPPLE)


From: TinyFaerie


Welcome Dolly. We have a FAQ thread which will help quide you through the forum. You can get to it by clicking on the Faerie under my posts.