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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 206025 views.

Hi I'm Silver Drallion and play to recover from sever seizures.  Lost all my friends when my kindle fire broke. Got a new one and was able to get my game back but not my friends because i now have a new ID. 

So to any old friends of a845822 and any new friends, my new ID is


All are welcome.

Thank you.

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Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Susanna, thanks for letting me know your taking a break, I'm not going to delete you, I have about 9 more I be!I've I will delete today. It s killing me, I usually keep 35 friends and have been monitoring these 9-10 for well over a month now, and they haven't responded to any posts, they have not responded on my friends list, they have not gone off red dot, it's like they fell off the earth. This is weird because I've had all these friends for literally years now, and very seldom need new friends, then all of a sudden about all of these 9-10 just seemed to disappear. So what I'm going to do delete them for now, keep all their info and numbers, and check on them each week. In the meantime I desperately about 10 new friends. I still play and am very active and consistant. Here's my I'd # if your want get a hold of me or request to be friended. Thanks all for listening to me babble!

I'd#  a840585 Riddler01

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Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


I am thinking of changing my MC game avatar from the pic of my tattoo of riddler, to a pic of my bike, a sweet chromed out Harley Soft Tail Springer. Been on the road riding since I was 16, and even though I am chronically 65, mentally I'm still 20, and still ride every day, hot, cold, rain or shine. This like a sort of poll I am taking, let me know if your guys opinions.

Thanks guys!


From: misstracy22



My votes for the bike. Lovely, so clean and well cared for. 
Take care.

Tracy racehorse


From: BJApple


Looking forward to seeing your bike/avatar!!!!

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Bapple, as long as your open I'll gift you on schedule as always, don't worry about gifting back. Just don't want to gift people that are gone, seems like a waste. No problem, and thanks for letting me know. 

PS: I still have not deleted anyone as of 6/12/20. But soon I will delete some of no response from anyone.      Riddler

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Bapple, msg. 375, is a pic of my bike. That's my baby (comes in third as my baby, after my wife, then grandson)!    Riddler




Love the bike. Have not rode a bike since 2006 doc's order's. Get misty every time I see one. Will try to find a picture of last bike we had. Although I love Riddler01 I say Bike.

On friends, lot's of friends won't play again until Fall Event or if a CC comes up.  I would saw don't gift a red icon but leave on friends list because sometimes we get gliches on red/green icons.  If you get a gift from a red Icon PM them to let them know they are showing red. They sometimes  BF have a trick like changing something on your game to fix problem.

I am going to borrow your bike to take a ride in my mind. Thanks


Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Thanks KNIM! That's my baby! And maybe you can tell me, how do I message someone that is on my game friends list, but not forum friend and I can't find their name on here?

Thanks for the help!.    Riddler


From: PlanktonGirl


Hi folks. I'm new to the game and need friends! My player name is PlanktonGirl and my code is a1343413.