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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 123078 views.

From: Izzywizzy12


I too am new to Android and looking for friends. My player name is Belle a1354653.  I also play the game on my pc. I will add your name to my friend list and perhaps you will add my name to yours. Happy gaming.


From: Jk64


I'm not new to this game just a new devise, still play on my laptop and older tablet. Got a new tablet cause my older tablet glitches at times, so starting over. My new number is a1356023, at level 11. I still play on the older tablet which my number is a 901579. Since I'm sure I'm not posting this right, will be accepting friends on both tablets if anyone wants to accept. Love this game! At the highest level on the older tablet, but doesn't matter


From: misstracy22



I’m sorry I haven’t got a tablet. I would love to send an invite. You have such a lovely attitude. Seems you are enjoying MC. With a relaxed and carefree way. I just love it. It’s the way it should be. 
Your post is perfect. Just a bit of advice, when you have enough friends, don’t forget to delete your ID’s. Then you can control how many you have. Also some friends will be more likely to invite you if you are on the Master Name Listing, Chilpep will do this for you. Link here.

If I’m being too pushy and you know all this, just ignore me. 

Take care and be safe, 

Tracy - consortium penguin


From: Jk64


Thanks so much and no you aren't pushy just not sure if my other friends would accept my new request since I'm starting over, I've just downloaded the game 2 days ago so am at level 12 got aways to go but it's fun and my grandchildren love the game also so thanks alot for your help!