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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 369811 views.

From: OldPunk76


Hi all.

I have just started playing MC on Android, and enjoying all of the game again as I have reached level 98 on my IPad. I am sadly friendless apart from John on my new game, and would appreciate some friends. I play everyday and gift about 2 times a day. My game name is Old Punk 77, and my player is a1375421. Thank you x

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From: lilredhood51


my tablet died so i had to get a new one. i don;t have a christmas room up yet. am waiting to see if my old game will get transferred.

my new id is a1378069 my old  id was a1245285 if you have Pamela52-1 as a friend please come on over. i dont know if i will be keeping the same name or not. right now i am just player with a blank face.


From: Wendulka


My game has been moved to my new tablet, and my new ID is Evelina a1363740

From: Wendulka


Gardenbird, i think i get gifts from you all the time. Are you still having issues? Elephant games really helped me when big fish didn't even answer for six weeks

From: Gardenbird


Hi there

yes I still get problems with saving.     I seem to be Ok as long as I force stop MC before going into it,   but if I forget to do this, then it doesn't save. 

I have tried Elephant Games, but their suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall (this was about 3 months ago) but I am not prepared to do this.    I have read all the horror stories on here about how difficult it is to get your game back afterwards.

What I would like Elephant Games to do is add a 'save' button somewhere.  Some forum members seem to have problems with crashing out of the game on a regular basis, so a 'save' button which could be used on a regular basis might mean they wouldn't lose so much of their game when it does crash and it would certainly help with my problem.   Another suggestion  I have is that they make it easier for members to transfer their game when they get new devices. I have changed my Kindle about 3 times in the past 5 years.  When I was playing Gummy Drop it was really easy to transfer you game. You did it yourself, didn't have to ask Big Fish.  

It would be good if they did an update just to fix problems like the above and improve the stability of the game.

Thank you for asking     -    Gardenbird


From: Beezelbom


I just started playing on my phone and desperately need game friends.  My user name is Twinkletoes # a1379373.

Thanks all


From: Aleutcia


Hello everyone!

I have been playing in the castle since it began on PC, but I recently started a new game on my tablet and desperately need some friends.

I am playing under DragonPony and my android ID# is a1379981.

Thanks so much!


From: Goldie333


I just started playing MC on my tablet and need friends.  My name is DayDreamer on the tablet game, and I am at level 16.  My ID is a1367027.

I have been playing MC on my PC for about a year under the name of Goldie Girl. 


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From: Susanna502MC


Sorry about just disappearing for a while. The last couple of weeks have been unbelievable. Probably will continue to concentrate on my PC games (Ginger Sue and Navy Blue). Just playing catchup for now. I cut back to only one Android game a while back (Susanna axxxx819). We'll see how it goes.



From: DobieMom


Finally got my game moved to my new tablet.  My user name is 1TenNin  #a1379300.  Sending out new invites to my previous friends but would love any others.