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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 253914 views.

From: kthreads


I sent you an invite from my phone game player name Janni. I will send you invites from my other two Android games, jdmrgn and jdmrgn2, in the morning. I am part of the Consortium and will help you as much as possible.


PC: Janet / Isadora

Android: Janni / jdmrgn / jdmrgn2

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Hey, kthreads, I most certainly will, here is my MC  number a840585   (riddler01)  I will add you to my friends list, I have a pretty consistent revolving gifting rotation I keep on a spread sheet!


Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Thank you, and even though I have been playing MC since it began years ago, and have millions of dollars and diamonds, and items, I am embarrassed to say I have never asked, or know, what the consortium is? Please explain, if you don't mind? .  Riddler

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Mornin, kthreads, I think I'm confused, I don't see any invites in my game from you  my number is   a840585, can you please send me you number so I can invite you to my android game? Thanks!

riddler01  a840585

Hope you don't mind me answering this for kthreads. You'll find information about the Consortium here:

Consortium Directory ~Seek Help/Donate (

Also they have their own folder-The Consortium under Discussions.

Hope that helps.

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Don't mind one bit, and thank you so much, much appreciated!


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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I will be taking down all my wish list till Monday.  It have three android games. Fred, CutiePie and Wendy. It has been crazy prepping. They are Finally installing my new Kitchen Thursday. It will take me till at least Saturday to put the place back together.

I am going to send Invites to Artina, DebbyH and Jessara.  I think I already have Jessara as a friend on a least one game.

I think I may be going brain dead, or mentally challenged lately, I have not asked as many questions in all the years I have been playing this game, but can anyone tell me where, and if, I can get Destiny Keys? I need more to craft items, and food with. I have never run out of items like I have in this particular update, wow!     Thank you everybody, once again!    Riddler 

Info about Destiny Keys can be found here (starting with Msg 158)

MC Game Guide (

You can also put them on your wish list. 

I have not received anything yet?  Riddler