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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 393353 views.

From: Mara1022


Adding you now achris1972.  I'm MaraTab  a1414858.

Anyone else, feel free to add me.  I need the friends.  I took a break but am getting back to it now.

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From: BrenHawk


I've been playing on a PC for years but I just got a Chromebook and started a Midnight Castle game there. Obviously, I need to start accumulating friends before the upcoming Spring Event. My player name is Hawk, id a1472850. I will be sending out invites to people who've said they're looking for friends.

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Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


I can use a few more friends on my main android game. It seems that I have a lot of friends who have quit or lost there games. Thank goodness they left playable rooms but the new rooms have gotten less than the existing old rooms. Please join me at a1390977 and I promise to have the new rooms up.

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Is there a new update I can't find? Please help?????

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Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Now its gotten more wierd! My old Kindle, with the black strip through it, got the new update, but my newer Kindle that I play on did not, and I can't find it anywhere, WTF?  Riddler

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Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Where are the citadel gates? And what is the feline fates, just playing on my old kindle with screen parts missing, and still can't find the update on the newer Kindle I'm using. Just showed up on the old kindle, and not anywhere on the newer, I hate this!


I'm on PC so I can't help you with the Update issue for Kindle , but I can show you where the Citadel Gates are (finger icon is pointing to it).......................

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


PMHow do I contact the devs again? Want to contact them and see if they can help with the update, before I give up all together. Riddler

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Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


On the update that got to my old Kindle, Which i can't play much on,still can't get it on the newer one I play on. On the new section it says " Achieve level 118, and start the Feline Fate quest, and unlock the Citadel Gates location" it says that when you tap on the new area, in the window that says " Can't be Unlocked" ?????

So I am trying to find it and play what I can, before I finally give up for good. Riddler



From: SharpEye1


This may sound silly but, have you gone to Professor Pinfeathers to have him send you to Ronan to see if you can now continue doing his quests?  If you can this means you have the update somehow.  Just a thought.  heart_eyes