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Calling all Millionaires!    Achievements and Musings

Started 4/19/18 by LadyAstra; 114507 views.

From: AEGram


Desertdruid (stillDruid) said:

I just hit 7 Million. Thanks to the Anniversary Room. 

Keep 'em comin' folks!!! ...... Congrats to Desertdruid.......list on post #2 of 'Who has 10 million in coin?" has just been updated!

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From: Lou4338


How do you accumulate so much?  I spend it all just getting from one level to another.


From: AEGram


Lou4338 ..... most of the players who now have substantial coin are at the max level......When there are no crafted items or areas/HOSs/ZZs taking up coin, it's amazing how fast it will build......

How you can tell......just stop your leveling up until the Anniversary Room closes......have at least 50-60 friends who have their rooms set to the Anniversary Room and just do all the rooms available each day. (You will earn 250 coins per room once the room is maxed instead of the 50 coins for normal HOSs.)

Then, when you have additional time...just do the rounds by going into each HOS you have opened when it's cooled down.

You will be amazed at how much coin, stamps, pet food and airship items you'll amass when you aren't using them up!


From: KatieAn56



I am at level 33. As AEGram said, concentrate on doing just the Anniversary Rooms.  When that event is over, concentrate on doing HOSs and not on leveling up.  Set an amount of coins you want to get to, I set my amount to 1 million to begin with. I got that amount during the Spring Event. Once you reach that amount, do not let it get below that amount. If it starts getting close to being below it, again just concentrate on doing HOSs.  When I needed to craft an item or open a new area, I would play the HOSs until I had the amount of coins or inventory needed so I didn't deplete what little bit of inventory/coins I had.  

Again, as AEGram said you will be amazed at how quickly it builds up when you're not using them as fast as you get them!! Hope this helps.  Please ask if you have any questions.  Good Luck and have fun stormin' the castle!! relaxed


From: KatieAn56


Woo hoo!!! I just hit the 3 million mark!!! Thank you my friends for having your Anniversary Room open!!!

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From: PenWeb


Finally hit the 2 million mark on my Nell2 game after 2 years.  Thank you Anniversary Room  and friends! 

Considering I have 4 active games and limited time, I think that's a good deal.

Nell, Nell2, OneCent and GMA


From: KatieAn56


Congrats PenWeb!! Four games!!! Wow!


From: datsalotta


Hey Nel Big CONGRATULATIONS on your 2 mil after only 2 years and limited time. Doing GREAT!!!!

Also, I did not know your forum name until now, and we've been friends for probably 2 years right? Taking this opportunity to express my thanks for your generosity a Big time THANK YOU VERY MUCH You've been a wonderful MC friend in all my games.

I've been playing for 5 years this December. Back then I didn't know that MC was a new that year game. I met so many players for fun and alotta help in the original forum (which I miss a lot)

But I'm here to report:  I have reached the 8 MILLION mark on my datsalotta PC game. Who knew I'd make it that far.