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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Apr-19 by AEGram; 9233 views.
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From: AEGram


Storyteller Cat - Examine Mosaic & Go to Glass Painting -- Activating the Transference Potion causes 1 life to fly off as a ghost cat angel from the Storyteller Cat. ---Do not get a new item to repair yet.

Pinfeathers - Go to Throne Hall and greet Richard (7 tasks) -- Lord Chamberlain is a baby in the arms of Gabrielle
Gabrielle w/Baby Chamberlain - Open: Archer Statue (7000) & Look in Lighthouse Keeper's Desk
Gabrielle w/BC - Bring something from Frog Pond & Search Tent
Gabrielle w/BC - Open: Stone Head (6000) & Search Arsenal
Gabrielle w/BC - Bone King (5 tasks) & Check Sultan's Clothes 
Bone King - Book of Wisdom (4000) & Golden Coin (2800)
Bone King - Thicket Keeper (no coin) & Vivacity Potion (2400)
Bone King - Open: Fallen Warrior (7000) & Warlock Pass (no coin)
Bone King - Insomnia Horn (no coin) & Mask of Pursuit (400)
Bone King - Forgotten Relic (3500) & Burden of Obedience (2700) -- get Soul Redeemer to repair
Gabrielle w/BC - Search Pond of Forgotten Reflections & Examine Armor and Banners
Gabrielle w/BC - Visit Eagle's Nest & Go to Elfish Bas-Relief
Gabrielle w/BC - Sit in Executioner's Chair & Look in Crypt 

Pinfeathers - Genie (8 tasks) & use the Soul Redeemer  
Genie - Open: King's Crypt (Level 85; 15,000) to Open: Pile of Skulls (6000) & Check Gnome Road Sign
Genie - Go to Harp in Blossoms & Check Cauldron
Genie - Search Monkey & Look in Bow Figurine
Genie - Open: Water Cascade (7000) & Search Winter Idol
Genie - Visit Door Cache & Go to Secret Slab 
Genie - Visit Writing Corner & Look in Transformer Magus
Genie - Open: Submerged Treasure (6000) & Search Stone Chaps
Genie - Adrian (7 tasks) & Visit Six-Paw
Adrian - Search Living Chest & Chastening Power (500) 
Adrian - Open: Sphere of Souls (7000) & Pendant of Sympathy (1000)
Adrian - Check Broken Scarab & Star of Renovation (no coin)
Adrian - Open: King's Tomb (7000) & Steel Grinder (2500)
Adrian - Search Old Chest & Wreath of Fear (3500)
Adrian - Open: Horned Shield (7000) & Abyss Guard (3000)
Adrian - The Ghostly Messenger will talk to you after the next update -- coming soon! ….. 5320/6880 into Level 86 <-- This means players have reached the end of the current game content. When the Developers issue new content, players will be able to proceed beyond this point. Until that time, we all sit and wait. 

Cost (so far) Level 86 = 101,300 coins
Stamps (so far): 76 Plain, 50 Unusual, 31 Rare, 5 Unique

In reply toRe: msg 191

From: AEGram


This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 86 character quests .... 

As always, I plead, beg, implore players to use the Comments and Questions thread in this section (located here: for any questions, comments, etc.

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